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Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Eindhoven Movie meet 11.0, October 13th
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 07:30:22 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Hi all,

And now for something usual and not so usual at the same time.

The usual: A meet, saturday, October 13th, 17:00, Trafalgar pub.

Not so usual: Look at the title: "moviemeet".

To make things clear, saturday evening there will be a normal meet.

Now on to the unusual; what is it all about? Well, the best ideas
always just simply pop up. Since this idea also popped up, it might
actually turn out to be one of the good ones. In this case we
(Patrick and I) decided that it might be a fun idea to make a mini
movie. Why? Because it sounds like fun. And although this is not in
any way connected with the afpmovie, it does have the same camera
operators/DP's who are desperate to get some practice in. Besides, it
sounds like fun. (I think I have mentioned that before, didn't I?)

So, what are the plans?

Friday (12th october) evening: Discussing the script, checking the
story board. Don't expect a full length movie. The aim will be a very
short movie of 10 to 15 minutes.

Saturday morning/noon: Shooting.

Saturday evening: Post-shooting party in the trafalgar pub. This just
happens to coincide with the normal meet.

Sunday morning: How about getting awake?

Sunday afternoon: Editing.

This leaves you, the reader, with several options:
1: Yeah, great. I'll join. Action: mail me that you are coming and
how late. 

2: Sounds fun, I want to join in the fun but have limited time.
Action: Mail me, tell me when you have time. The more people, the
more fun.

3: Sounds like fun, but I really don't have time, I only want to go
to the meet. Action: Ok, mail me and tell me that you are only coming
to the meet. Also tell me if you need crash space.

4: Ayuk, a meet. Action: Go visit a doctor.

As far as the movie making is concerned: No, we don't have a script
yet. All ideas, script- or otherwise, are welcome. Keep things in
perspective though. 

Oh well, the rest everything is the usual. My mobile phone number is
available on request. Any other questions, just email me.

Greetings, Eelco
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