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Eindhoven meet: Report

From: (Patrick Dersjant)
Subject: [F] Meet Report backlog part II
Date: 30 Oct 2001 10:21:04 GMT
Message-ID: <9rluug$r7q$>

And now, Eloquent Elephants are proud to present to you:

An Eindhoven Movie Meet report

Eelco, Patrick, Arwen, Jeroen B, Vashti, Boris, Menno, Leo

Well, this was going to be a long meet. We started out on Friday, when I
picked up Arwen, and we drove to Geldrop to meet Eelco, Vashti and
Jeroen B for the preproduction meeting. Eelco had volunteered to cook
dinner with the mystery ingredients I brought, and did a good job - the
food was good, and discussions were becoming relevant.
The plan was to go and shoot a movie. What kind of movie? Well, I'm not
telling too much, as it'll be available after postproduction finishes -
and you'll be in for a surprise. Anyways, long discussions resulted in a
good outline of the next days work, and off to bed we went.
Saturday saw some driving around to do location shots. This proved to be
time-consuming, but a lot of fun. Naturally, we weren't able to make all
the shots we'd planned - but then, there was always the sunday.
Around four o'clock it was time to head off to the pub, where we met
Boris, Menno and Leo. Dinner was had, which was ok with the exception of
vashti's vegetarian dish, which left the table 98% intact. News was
exchanged between people, and it was observed that with the current
state of jobless people on afp, would really be a
valuable addition - but no, this was a joke. Really. Seriously.
Anyways, topics that I've noted down and participated in were both Leo's
and Eelco's thesis, movies in general and the upcoming Lord of the Ring
movie in particular, what to do for afparty next year, books, music, and
diuerse alarums. Of course, obscure music geeking happened, and it
became apparent that Vashti could in fact outgeek Leo with some band
names and songs I never ever ever heard of. 
Boris had brought a copy of The Last Hero, which was immediately drooled
over by those present. I think it was my fault for taking it for a short
look, then passing it on to Arwen - who finished it within an hour or
so. Lesson learned: do not bring new Pratchett books to meets.
The evening became later, and at some point Leo left to get his train
home. I got a bit tired, due to sleep deficiancy, and can't remember
much that happened - except that at some point Menno brought the six of
us (Jeroen B being the exception) home in his Golf. We fitted, but it
wasn't too comfortable.
Sunday saw breakfast, and after Jeroen B had rejoined us, we got around
to shooting the rest of the scenes we needed. This took until three
o'clock, and that was about the time I had to leave to bring Arwen back.
End of meet, a long and succesful one.

Arwen:  I have nothing against ppl over 30 - some of my best friends ...

Eelco: It's amazing that you've got 'bon appetit' and 'Guten Appetit',
but no such thing in english?
Jeroen: Have you seen their food?

Eelco: But i would *like* some fertile females visiting my house....

Patrick: I can always start an alternate career as a terrorist...
Leo: That would be a job to die for...

Vashti: I'll tickle him if you sit on him

Leo: So, while you're gasping for pain...

Eelco: Ooh, my palm can deflower yours...

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