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From: (Martin Wisse)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] "Meet Sandriana, or buy books for christmas, meet":
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 07:48:21 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


"Meet Sandriana, or buy books for christmas, meet": 
        Amsterdam Bookstore Meet IV 10-NOV-2001

There's always somebody, isn't there? Patrick goes to _all_ that 
trouble to organise a furrigner meet and then one shows up

So _then_ what do you do? 

You organise a meet yourself, of course.

Here's the deal: 

Sandriana is coming  over in the early half of November and wants to
meet up with some cloggies during her stay, as you do. And since it's
been a while for me too since I've been to a Dutch meet, I think it's a
good idea to reintroduce myself by throwing a meet again.

And because I'm basically a lazy person, we'll do exactly the same thing
as the last time I organised one.

We'll meet up in the main hall of Amsterdam Central Station
at 14:00 and go visit several bookstores plus a variety of other stores
of interest to afpers. 

In theory at least, in practice we'll mostly end up spending all our
money in Barry's Book Exchange again, just like the previous 3 times.

Afterwards, there's the Oirish pub we seemed to like so well, The Tara,
located at the Rokin where we'll try and move to somewhere between
17:00-17:30. This does a decent style of pub grub, including vegetarian

Crashspace will be available, but keep in mind it will be in the
(shared) kitchen of a large student's flat. 

Just as a reminder, I'd appreciate it if people could mail me if they're
coming, whether they need crashspace or if they have any questions about
the meet.

This concludes the official part of the announce. 

Finally, to all the people reading this who haven't been to an Dutch AFP
meet yet, why not come and join us? It's fun and mostly harmless, as
long  as you stay on the good side of certain furrign afpers...

Martin Wisse
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