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From: (Patrick Dersjant)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] NL-Meet 24 November 2001, Leiden
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:12:50 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Hi all,

this is to announce that there will be a dutch meet on Saturday, 24
november 2001, to allow for some foreign afpers to participate in a
dutch meet.

The program as it stands now looks as follows:

Depending on the number of visitors and the weather, we'll take a tour
of Leiden in the afternoon. This might or might not include museums, and
might or might not end up in the pub sooner than later <g> - I want to
keep a bit of flexibility there.

From 17.00 onwards, we'll be at the North End English Pub in Leiden,
were we will also have dinner. As I want to make sure we get our usual
area, which would then be easy for us to keep smoke free, please let me
know whether you plan to attend, so I can give the pub some numbers.

Crash space is available on request, and special attention will be given
to those of you visiting from abroad. If you live in or near Leiden and
can offer crash space, please let me know as well.

Further questions? Let me know...

See you the 24th!

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