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Leiden meet: Pre-Announce

From: Patrick Dersjant <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] NL-Meet 24 November 2001
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 08:25:56 +0000 (UTC)
Message-ID: <>


Hi all,

this is to preannounce that there will be a dutch meet on Saturday, 24 
november 2001. This meet will take place in Leiden, and further details 
about the program will be posted later.

This meet is announced early to give any afper who is currently not 
residing in this low country <g> a chance to attend - I know there's 
interest, as this has been expressed at the last Green Man meet in London.

If you're of the foreign persuasion, want to attend, and are in need of 
crash space, please contact me asap, so I can make sure arrangements are 
made.Also, if you want to combine this meet with a general visit and 
require information about places to stay and places to go, I'm more than 
willing to provide information.
Those of you already living here can also contact me with requests and 
offers of crash space. (I know especially the latter will be appreciated...!)

As I wrote before, further details with regards to the place and time of 
this meet will be posted later, probably around the end of october. Until 
then, if you have any questions, suggestions or remarks, please let me know.

- -- 
"Wenn ein LAN-switch und die Netzwerkkarten beide nen female-Stecker haben,
MUSS es dann auch ein female RJ45 Kabel sein, oder passt da auch ein male?"
"Im Ernst, Stecker sind alle heterosexuell und treiben's ohne Kondom."
                     Peter Takats und Ryo Kato in de.comp.hardware.netzwerke

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