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Leiden Meet: Report

From: Uwe Milde <>
Subject: [F] Leiden Meet, Nov 24th - A Meet Report
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 23:28:29 +0100
Message-ID: <>

"Furriner-Visit-Meet", Leiden, 24th of November, 2001

It was one of those days, the sky grey, the air damp (but not wet),
temperature tending towards coldish. Just as well that plans for the day
consisted mainly of indoor activities. 

We timed our arrival at Patrick's place synchronous to Eelco, Martin,
Boris and Labrat at about 15:00. Besides Patrick there were Arwen and
Ingvar already waiting. With Menno, Marteen and Leo arrived we could
watch The Movie.
Erratic Elephant Productions proudly presented Scratch - The Making of
(The Movie). The brilliant though simple basic story-line is about the
making of a great movie, from its earliest planning phase to its
realisation. It is the amalgamation of SF, Horror and Drama, combined
with a gripping sound-track[1], into a spectacular production bringing
technological understatement to a new art-form.
After watching it a second time with life director's commentary, we
eventually upped and went to the post-premiere party, held at the
illustre North End Pub in Leiden.

It was a bit early for dinner so drinks were consumed, diverse bakery
products, chocolate covered things and spekkies were passed around,
spoiling us successfully for the real dish. Somewhen we were joined by
Olaf, Sindy and exile-XXXXian Amie making a very nice introduction as a
Somewhen later food was consumed, an excellent (well, that's my opinion,
and I am not a big pumpkin fan usually) pumpkin soup for a starter,
followed by either steak (I liked mine, but not everyone was totally
happy) or salmon and then a bit of vanilla icecream with chocolate and
cream - altogether very nice.
Other sweets of diverse varieties, e.g. Hongkong toffees (sticky stuff),
made the rounds, coffee, Guinness and other drinks were consumed.

Topics of talk were many, and at least as far as I was concerned,
computers were kept to a tolerable limit. Ingvar was telling anecdotes
and appalling jokes, some language comparison took place, current job
situation was considered and basically just lots of stuff was tackled.
Only one short mention of The Scottish AFPer took place, as Amie's plans
to visit European cities were discussed, between them Aberdeen ("Nuke it
from orbit. Only way to be sure.") 

Somewhen going on midnight the detour was to be planned to catch a bus.
Somehow we managed to shake off Martin there who was lost in the massive
throng of people around the bar - and getting rid of money to pay a bill
apparently isn't that easy, either. But gladly he caught up with us only
a couple of minutes delayed. Sorry Martin.

We watched the teaser and movie again in benefit of Amie who hadn't seen
it yet (although that was really only an excuse, we are all total
nutcases of fans who have to watch cool movies like that at least 3
times), compared several brands of licorice vodka, three of four were
quite good for utterly horrible reasons. And Menno "This Is Not Hot
Curry" was treated to a tasting of Dave's Insanity Sauce, being forced
to admit that it is somewhat on the hottish side of spices... After some
more talk sleep was considered and eventually decided to let happen.

The next morning saw Flexor!Labrat and Labrat!Flexor leaving early(ish)
for the Computer Days in Utrecht, the rest turned over again and stayed
more or less asleep until 10:00h. Breakfast happened, some indoor
juggling, talking, some reading interrupted by the occasional laugh from
Martin and giggle from Eelco, more talk, more juggling of heavy balls,
later clubs and bars - no wait, no bars.
Around 14:00h the people needing to use bus or train left, and only 4 of
us stayed a bit longer until we took Arwen and got her home, talked some
more at her place, and had the meet finally end for us somewhat shortish
after 17:00h. 



[1] Tom would love it...

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