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Utrecht Not-quite-a-meet: Report

From: Sanity <>
Subject: [F] Utrecht Sudden Mini Meet Report
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 22:58:37 +0200
Message-ID: <>

It all started with a Sand  visting a Martin [1] in Cloggieland, 
which came up on #afp on a Sunday evening. They were tempted by me to 
visit the beautiful Utrecht, which I had to visit on Monday anyway 
due to two lectures - one in the morning and one in the late 
afternoon. The temtping was succesful, and my first AFPmeet happened 
between the two lectures...

The meeting happened at Utrecht Central Station at the meeting point. 
At nearly exactly 12 o'clock, I spotted a Beard. It soon appeared a 
Martin was indeed attached to it, and a Sandriana was not far away. 
We decided [3] to have a coffee at the Oude Gracht first. It was a 
nice spot, the coffee was good, but for food purposes it wasn't 
really the right spot. We walked along the Oude Gracht, occasionaly 
groaning at Bad Puns from Martin. The City of Utrecht had catered for 
various distractions, such as Book Shops, Cooking Stuff Shops and 
another Cafe where we had lunch, again in the sun, not uncommon in 
this country.

More bad puns were exchanged over the fied eggs, onion soup and 
cheese. It has also become clear that I might possibly have geeky 
inclinations (but, IANAG!). Martin and Sand did their best to 
brainwash me, so I would go to a .uk meet. Which was rather 
succesfull ;-). Of course, I'll have to survive Arwen's cooking meet 
first, of which I am a lot less sure after seeying Martin's Evil 

After lunch, we set forth in the general direction of the Dom Tower, 
a church tower of over 110m high which got separated from the church 
by a storm in 1672. Next to that church there was a cute ickle garden 
which belongs to the church. By that time, I had to return to 
University Life so we walked back to the train station. We hugged 
goodbye, and my first ever AFPmeet was over. It had lasted nearly 
three hours, but seemed like a life-time <fx: violin music>

Photographic evidence (warning: may contain vommish traces) is to be 
found on my website 

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[1] All characters are real. Despite privacy issues, no names have 
been changed. 

[2] Well, I said where we would go and they followed me, as I was the 
relative Utrecht Expert. But it sounds more democratic this way.

   "To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of
   the first requisites of sanity." (Oscar Wilde, 1854 - 1900)

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