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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 00:00:53 +0100
From: =?us-ascii?B?IkFyd2VuIEx1buki?= <>
Subject: [Benelux-meets]Cooking Meet, 27/28 April, Utrecht/Veenendaal

Right. announce. *takes a deep breath*

After some consideration and asking around on BENELUX-list I have
finally decided on a date for the cooking Meet. 

Cooking Meet
april 27/28
Utrecht/Veenendaal, the Netherlands

The idea is like this:
We meet up at the station in Utrecht at 12:30 PM. We take the train
to Metropolis Veenendaal at 12:50, so make sure you're there in
time or you'll have to walk to my home all alone <grin>

People travelling by car can best arrive at 14:00. Email me for a
description for car-travel.

We then decide what we want to cook, buy the ingredients and
proceed to work wonders in the kitchen. For those less cooking
inclined there will be other fascinating activities available, on
the lines of videos, games, AFPcats, insta-filking, etc etc.. :-)

Crashspace is plentiful, newbies and furrin visitors most welcome.
Come on, we're friendly, we're good cooks and I'll even kick out
the cats if you're allergic[1] *grin* 

More details will follow more closely to date. If you want to
attend or have a question, send me an email at

Arwen Lune

1] In case you are and you are coming to the meet, mention it in
your email so I can make sure to have the house allergy-prepared.
Not a problem whatsoever but it's handy to know up front. thanks
"Bother" said Pooh. "Send out the Nine, I want my Ring!"

Arwen Lune | |

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