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Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 13:56:37 +0200
From: "Arwen Lune" <>
Subject: [Benelux-meets][ANNOUNCE] *new details* Cooking meet 27/4,

[ANNOUNCE] *new details* Cooking meet 27/4, Utrecht/Veenendaal

Time for an update about this meet, lest people forget about it...

Cooking Meet
april 27/28
Utrecht/Veenendaal, the Netherlands

Getting there:
We meet up at the station in Utrecht at 12:30 PM. [1] We will take 
the train to Veenendaal Centrum at 12:50, so make sure you're 
there in time. [2] And that you have a ticket.

People travelling by car can best arrive in Veenendaal at 14:00. 
Email me for a description for car-travel.

While we're here:
We then decide what we want to cook, go to town to buy the 
ingredients (and drinks/snacks for the evening) and proceed 
to work wonders in the kitchen. 

The idea is to make lots of little dishes, so that everybody 
has something to taste, and no one spends all day in the kitchen. 
Other activities include games, AFPcat [3], insta-filking, 
juggling.. etc, etc. We'll probably be able to sit outside, 
so having a fire is also optional. 

Crashspace is plentiful, newbies and furrin visitors most 
welcome. Come on, we're friendly, we're good cooks and the 
computer stays off ;-)

I think the easiest way to arrange budget for food and drinks is
that everybody contributes a set amount. I'll have to calculate 
a bit for the exact amount but right now I guess 15 - 20 euro 
should give us enough to have fun with.
If you want to cook something with hard-to-get ingredients,
bring them - Veenendaal is not known for having all the 
outlandish foodstuff in the world. 

More details will follow more closely to date. If you want to
attend or have a question, send me an email at

If you want to be there and you haven't told me yet, please 
do so soon. It is handy to have a list of who to expect when 
meeting up, and also to see how many people there'll be in 
the house.

1] I am arriving at Utrecht CS at about 12:15 and I'll sit in the 
station cafe. Getting there is easy: go to the meetingpoint-flag, 
turn your back to the big blue board and walk straight ahead until 
you are inside the cafe.
Recognising me: I'm tall-ish and have bright ginger hair that 
reaches to just below my shoulders. If you're worried about finding

me, email me privately for a mobile number
2] In time = no later than 12:30. Thanks.
3] sadly reduced to 1 AFPcat as one of them has died recently :-(

Arwen Lune
"Bother" said Pooh. "Send out the Nine, I want my Ring!"

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