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Eindhoven Gaming Meet 2: Announce

Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 05:29:39 +0000 (UTC)
From: Eelco Giele <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] The Games Meet NCAWF, also known as Eindhoven 12.0


Never change a winning formula. In other words: it's going to be
there again. Other time, same place, same formula.

In short:
Date: Thursday 9th of May and Friday the 10th of May. (holidays)
Place: Geldrop and starting of in Eindhoven
Notification: Please let me know before the 26th of April is you are
coming or even if you are interested but aren't sure yet. I need to
know for how many people I am organising (see also "Food:", further
down). Letting me know sooner is even better.

Extra thingy about the date: It is going to be that weekend, no other
dates possible. However: The first two days are a good choice (for
various reasons) for me. In case these two days form a major obstacle
to a majority of people, I might select two other days. Let me know!

What are the plans:
- -------------------
Playing games.

Everything will be started of with that game that allows everyone to
loose some energy and agression. It is called laserquest. Although
fysical contact is not permitted (unless in the case of annoying
kids, but I'll try to get the arena to ourselves, depending on the
number of people joining in) you are able to "Die you bastard, die!"
your afp-er of choice.

After everyone has calmed down, we move over to my place, which will
be tranformed in a large gaming room and thus the games will
commence. Not computer games but board games, and not board games as
we know it, but games that are different. No Monopoly or Risk, but
games that most people haven't heard of (yet). Not necessary board
games either: there will be some tile games as well.

Possible candidates will be: Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan and of
course Vinci. Of course, bringing games yourself is also a splendid
idea. (Everything not well known and for preference requiring more
tactics then luck with dice is welcome)

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Special guest appearance will be "Lord of the Pen" for which I have
already selected 4 players. (Leo, Jos, Boris and myself) A 5th PhD
student/graduate is needed. In case your wondering: everthing will
become clear at the meeting.
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Food: Food will happen at my place. Again you will be subject to my
cooking. Recepy will be almost the same as last year (Pasta with
bolognese sauce and salad). Any special dietary wishes: please let me
know. I am thinking of making a vegetarian pasta sauce as well, but
please let me know in adavnce if you want that or the other sauce.
(Oh, and both will be high-calory).

Crash space: Plenty of space although you might need to kick a few
gamers now and then (either to get room for your sleeping bag or
because they are still being noisy at 4 am).

Starting time: Suggestion: 13:00. This is of course if I can still
make reservations for that time. As soon as I have enough people
telling me they want to join I can make reservations. Thus: the
sooner you react, the surer we are of playing the game. A final
announce will give the final starting time of the meet.

Gathering: Like last year, the train station in Eindhoven. Last year
they sneakily removed the meeting point just before the meet so I
expect them to sneak one back in again just before the meet. Since
commen sense seems to be a better advisor then optimism, I suggest
gathering in the bar on the south side of the station (down from the
tracks turn left).

Questions, remarks, you know the email address.

Greetings, Eelco

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