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Leiden Katmeet: Report

Message-ID: <>
From: Arwen Lune <>
Subject: [F] Report: KATmeet in Leiden
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 11:52:18 +0200

It was a full moon in the fourth week of May, so I made my way to 
the Secret Meeting Location. My Secret Sign was pinned to the strap 
of my backpack, so that fellow conspirers would be able to 
recognise me while to the rest of the world I was simply wearing a 
small hedgehogpin.

When I entered the venue chosen for the meetings, I immediately 
noticed my Brothers and Sisters conspirers. I chided them for not 
being more inconspicuous, and soon afterward the Supreme Grand 
Master moved our little group to a secluded space in the back of 
the venue. 

There the ritual began. It included weird dances around the table, 
cruel deeds committed toward innocent penguins, consummation of 
strangely coloured pills - by the handful, I might add.
Strange liquids were consumed; ritual sacrifices were brought using 
a hot pink balloon lightsaber; songs were sung to praise the Great 
Beast and Hellspawn (ie, Katrina and the Waves); blood was 
discussed; bad puns were made.

When it got to be about 10ish I departed the venue, leaving some 
hugs behind to last the Brethren and Sisters the rest of the night. 

Once I got outside I ran to the station and managed to get home 
around midnight. Then I spend about 15 minutes explaining to my 
housemate that no, honest, these AFPmeets aren't some kind of black 
magic ritual, promise.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

[note: this written after the observation that more often than not, 
Dutch meets coincide with full moon. It's not a real meetreport, so 
the person burdened with reporting is still going to have to do the 
work! ;-) ]

Arwen Lune

"Bother" said Pooh. "They have a cave troll!"

Arwen Lune | |

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