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From: "Jennifer en Reinier Sjouw" <>
Subject: [Benelux-meets]EEK Meet - The devil's in the details
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 23:28:30 +0200

Meeting points and times for the meet:

Part 1 - pedallo's

As most of the good folk coming to the meet will be coming by public
transport, the entrance to the book stall at the station strikes me as a
decent meeting point.  If we aim to congregate there at 12:30, we should
have plenty of time to walk from the station to the pedallo place on
Koornmarkt.  For those of you who want to venture there on your own steam:
The address is Koornmarkt 113.  The pedallos are booked to my name between 1
and 2 pm.

Part 2 - Army and Arms museum

>From the pedallo place we'll be heading, sort of 2-ish, in the direction of
Korte Geer 1 to see the Army Museum.  Possibly unless the weather is like it
was today, in which case it would be close to a crime to go indoors.
Phrases like "playing it by ear" come to mind.  For those intending to skip
the pedallos and to join at the museum, I recommend giving the company a

Part 3 - Beverages

The museum will close around 5 pm.  Around that time (maybe slightly
earlier, but not much later) we will head for "Proeflokaal 't Bierhuys".
What more is there to be said?

Part 4 - food and such

The company is expected to arrive around 7.30 pm in "eet- en proeflokaaltje
de Kurk", Kromstraat 20.  Those who want to come but have not informed me
yet please do so ASAP.  I still can add people to the list, but time is
running out.

Contact data

For this weekend, my mobile number will be +31-6-51426848.  Also for
this weekend, the EE part of EEK should be contactable via my normal mobile



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