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EEK Meet 1.0: Report

Message-ID: <airaud$4ba$>
From: "elfin" <>
Subject: [F] EEK Meet - the unofficial minority report
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 15:31:23 +0100

As the esteemed member of the meet has yet to put finger to keyboard
here is the unofficial report:

The day started wet, the heavens did open that morning and continued
into the afternoon. The pedallo'ists amongst us met at a/the station in
Delft and despite the rain wandered off toward the pedalloes. Reinier,
making a side trip to pick up mums and offsprings. Although the rain was
easing as we got there, it was decided to give the pedalloes a miss,
mainly because of the offer of a mop and bucket to try and dry them 'on
our time'. So in time honoured tradition a detour was arranged via a
drinking/eating establishment while we considered alternatives.

Although the rain had virtually stopped we had decided on the
alternative of a canal boat trip around the beautiful city of Delft.
Though Leo took delight in quietly pedanting the tour guide :-) After
this was over we met up with Kai and Patricia, not forgetting esmi and
Jennifer, along with a slightly harassed Reinier.

We then walked the streets of Delft back, well it was near the railway
station, to the Reptile museum. This seemed rather apt for a bunch of
afpers. Many snakes were seen to be asleep, though movement was spotted
in one or two. Upstairs provided a collection of active tortoises much
to Kai's amusement. Leo discovered that Kai likes going up and down
stairs, as he was walked around the museum several times.

Patrick and Eelco, late arrivals, joined us as we were ready to depart
and we headed slowly in the direction of a Beer Keller(??). A quiet pub
on the banks of the canal, where much alcohol was imbibed and a good
time had by all. Reinier once again delighting the masses with his
balloon animals, and Boris juggling (or attempting to from what I saw!).

We then moved onto the Cafe (insert correct name here) for the evening
meal. I think I speak for all attendees in saying that the meal was well
received, and well worth the price. Kimberley having joined us by this
point spent some time entertaining Patricia, while Patrick displayed his
*magic* for Kai (who also enjoyed being entertained by Rolf during the
meal). It was here that we had the quote of the day  - 'blame it on the
Belgian' - and this from the waiter!!

Following Kimberley's totting up of the bill, though we won't mention
*why* Kimberley was chosen to act as treasurer, and trying to ensure we
had all paid correctly, we moved onto another 'pub' (yet another name
will go here). Once everyone, bar Reinier who was taking an exhausted
Jennifer and Patricia home, Kai began entertaining the locals by wildly
playing with a balloon ostrich, prepared earlier by Reinier, and
generally enjoying himself and at the same time wearing esmi and myself

Many drinks were ordered and drunk, with Kai especially liking the
Chocomel which he had acquired a taste for. Kimberley officially
welcomed us to a Netherlands meet with a gift of turtle earrings and


Uwe Milde
Rolf Milde
Boris Bret

No doubt another attendee can flesh out some of the things I missed.

esmi, Kai and myself would like to give a big thank you to all that
attended, you all made us feel very welcome and we all enjoyed
ourselves, though that goes triply for Kai. Special mention should go to
Reinier, Jennifer and Patricia for putting up with us while we were in
Delft. Though thanks also to Leo, Kimberley and Jos for escorting us at
times during our stay.


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