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From: Sanity <>
Subject: [F][ANNOUNCE] GoudaMeet 1.0 - Saturday 14 September
Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 08:38:37 +0000 (UTC)


It looks like I have a date to hold the first ever GoudaMeet, that is, I
have a moment when my parents are safely out of the house so there is crash
space. As Gouda isn't attached to Nachtnet, this is Quite Important.

The details:
Date:  Saturday 14 September.
Location: Finn MacCool pub, Gouda
Time: Officially from 8pm but see below.

There are, of course, a few issues. One is, that I have a shift at the local
radio. This is why I set the time t start at 8pm. Because this means for
some people problems in the time/food department, I will use the suggestion
done by Leo Breebaart: those that want, can meet up at 6pm and have some
food. The best would be to keep in touch with Leo about this, I have already
given him a few suggestions about where to eat. Basically, when you walk
onto the Market square [1] ('Markt'), there's a whole row of
pubs/cafes/eetcafes on the short side (see [1]), amongst them the meet
location. For food, you can try 'Central', which is quite popular. On the
other side there's a pizzeria called La Strada, which does good food for
reasonable prices. 

For those wishing to geek audio equipment, there's the possibility to come
and have a look at the local radio studio, which is also on the Markt.
Please mail me, so I know approximately how many people will show up there,
and so I can mail back some instructions.

At 8pm there will be the official start. If people are interested, I can
give a short [2] tour around the centre, before we enter the pub.
Then there shall be meeting and talking and eating and drinking. When the
pub closes, we'll head Homewards where people can sleep or play a game of

As for crash space: I do have plenty, in a certain way. This means I have
most of the house (my brother will be home, probably). My own room allows
for about 3 people, other people can be scattered around the place. Please
inform me if you need crash space. Bring your own stuff.

Important stuff: getting there & meeting me
By train: Gouda is on the line Utrecht-Den Haag/Rotterdam, all of these
cities are about 20 minutes away. The intercity does *not* stop here,
mostly. There is also a train from Leiden to Gouda via Alphen, but be ware
that there are some problems on this line at the moment, which may mean
there are no trains going after 20.30 from Alphen to Leiden.
Gouda is *not* attached to nachtnet. Last trains are between 0.00 and 0.30

By car: from Utrecht or Den Haag, take the A12. Get off where it says
>From Amsterdam, go via Utrecht or sneak through the provincial road via
Alphen, Boskoop and Waddinxveen. Keep following this road and you should end
up on a big roundabout pointing you to the centre.
- From Leiden, either the sneaky route mentioned above or via Den Haag and the
- From Rotterdam, take the A20.
Follow directions to 'centrum' (city centre). Carry load of cash for
parking. For those crashing, it might be wiser to take the train, or park
your car near my house. It's a 10-15 minute walk to the centre from there.
If you insist, use 'Parkeerterrein Schouwburg', 'Parkeerterrein Nieuwe
Markt' or 'Parkeerterrein Vossenburghkade'. Please note: Nieuwe Markt closes
at midnight IIRC. Vossenburghkade is pay before, the others are pay

On the Markt, you'll notice it's a triangle-shape. On the shorter side, to
the right of 'De Waag' (the freestanding building) is where the pub is. The
long side continuing on both sides in a road is where the studio of RTV
Gouwestad is. Coming from the train station, take the city centre exit, walk
out of the station, cross the road and follow it to the left immediately. At
the big crossing (the most dangerous traffic hotspot in Gouda), cross the
road, cross the bridge and follow the street with the shops. At the end,
you're at the 'Markt'. Turn left for pub.

For more precise routes, my mobile phone number and address, send me an
e-mail. Recent photo's of me are on the LSpace A-Files and

I hope this is all, any additions/suggestions are welcome. Please mail me if
you are going to come and whether or not you're going to crash.

Michel AKA Sanity

[1] It's not actually square. It's a triangle, pointing south. Due to solar
    reasons the pubs are clustered at the north side.

[2] Admittedly, this wouldn't take long. Maybe half an hour. I know people
    might be thirsty/hungry.

Michel AKA Sanity

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