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GoudaMeet 3.0: Report

Message-ID: <>
From: Sanity <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] GoudaMeet 3.0 on Saturday, 11 September
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 21:04:24 +0200


Because I promised, and because I haven't been to a meet for a while, I will 
organise a Meet in Gouda, colloquially referred to as "a GoudaMeet". What 
to do in the afternoon is still open, though a preference is emerging. 
Those who have already responded to me needn't do so again.

The date:
Saturday, 11 September 2004.

Gouda, the Netherlands

Depending on what you want to see & do:

Things To Happen are:
13.30     Pickup at central train station for the Afternoon Entertainment
          Program, which will be decided by those coming. 
          Some options:
          - A citywalk. Guided by me. Should be fun :)
          - A visit to one of the local musea: Catherina Gasthuis in an old
          hospital with general art, style chambers and a torture cellar; de 
          Moriaan for lovers of ceramics and pipes; and the Resistance 
          Museum which is rather small.
          Currently the Catherina Gasthuis museum seems to be in favour. But 
          then I hadn't mentioned the old castle foundations and tunnels 
          which *might* be open.

17.30     Pickup from the central train station for those only coming for
          the Evening program, which will be Food & Drink & Talking & Fun.
          We will go to the same place as last year, Cafe Central on the 

11 september is "Open Monuments Day" so there should be plenty to see and do 
in the city centre, as most official monuments are open and there are 
several special exhibitions with regards to the central theme, "defensive 

Crash space is available in my flat for those who want it (there are no 
night trains to/from Gouda).

Some notes:
- - As usual, you won't find a free parking place in or around the city 
  centre. However, parking space around my flat is free and ample. 
  Those coming by car to me first should be there before 1pm.
- - Those coming by train and crashing can choose to leave from "Gouda 
  Goverwelle", which is the nearest train station (~15m walk).
- - The crashers should know there is a walk home involved of 20-30 mins.
  (but if people don't like that [I do, obviously], Gouda has taxis). You do 
  get to see nice neighbourhoods of all ages.
- - Our cat likes to snuggle up to sleeping people.

Please let me know ASAP (if you haven't already):
- - Whether you will come
- - Whether you want something to do in the afternoon
- - What you want to do in the afternoon
- - Whether you'll need crash space.
- - Anything else worth mentioning

My mobile phone number and address details are available on request.

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