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Subject: [F] Gbg AFPmeet
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 01:32:38 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Those butterflies out there who has stayed off the cocain  may remember
that there has been a bit talk about an AFPmeet here in Gbg.[1]

Even if things have been a bit quiet in this matter a while, don't think
that I've forgot.
I suggest Saturday Januari 3 1998, as being a AFPropriate date to hold
this event[4]. It vould give you (hopefully) enough time to recover from
the New Years celibrations. Also it would be within the time that Jenny
spends down here. And some time to return home before Monday and the RL.

Any objections/suggestions to date/where to meet/what to do cc to me, but
do it kind of ASAP. I plan to annouce this meeting in about a week.


[1] Göteborg (Gothenburg) located on the Westcoast of Sweden that is.[2][3]
[2] As if you didn't know <g>
[3] Where every other car _is_ a Volvo @:P
[4] hrmmm, hrmmm.
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From: Flabbergast <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Sweden 1.0
Date: 23 Dec 1997 19:31:58 -0000
Message-ID: <>


OK folks I know I ought to have posted this weeks ago, but PLEASE wait
until after the meet to kill me :P

So it have been decided that it's about time to hold an AFPmeet in Sweden=
the first of my knowlege. This even of no historical importance will take
place in the sort of fairish town of Göteborg (Gothenburg[1]) on the th=
day of 1998 (980103) (a saturday) the location will be Evas Paley, adress
Kungsportsavenyn 39, time 1900h.

Crashspace might be a problem, if not claustrophobic or allergic to birds
I can offer a sofa and a kitchen floor. WARNING !!! I've been known to=20
occationally snore, especially in winter time.

Here comes the difficult part, I'm lousy on giving directions. Any questi=
mail me and I'll try to sort it out.
Directions: from the central station, find the exit towards 'Nordstan' it
should take you out at a point where you'll have a tunnel right in front =
you. Go through that tunnel and continue walking in that direction until
you've reached the other side of the shopping mall. Now on you will have
a tram/bus stop at your left, cross the street and go there. Here either=20
take tram nr 5 towards Torp (and save your self some walking) to Valand,
the second stop on that line. Or if you prefer walking follow the tram
tracks. Once you're on the street where the tram stop is you'll need only
to follow that street, but I recon it's about 1.5km so I suggest take the
tram. At Valand get off and the continue in the same direction as you wer=
going on the tram. A bit further it it on the left side of the street...
It probably is easiest to ask your way towards AVENYN and then just follo=
it until you get there... To those of you who have no knowlege about Gbg.
Avenyn (kungsportsavenyn) is sort of like that Oxford street or Champs El=
_everybody_ in Gbg knows where it is.=20
I've included a try to make a ASCII map.

It would be good if you would e-mail me if you're planning on comming, so
that I'll have some sort of idea about how many there will be.

                              G=D6TAPLATSEN                              =
                                  A                       =20
                                  A       =20
                                  A   _HERE_ it is
                                  A!!!<-Kungsportsavenyn 39
                                  ^    Evas Paley
            Here the tram turns->HH
                                  H<-tram stop-Valand
                                  H =20
                           ______ ^
- -----------------         |      |H
 central station |        |      |^
                >>>>>tunnel>shop>>H<-Tram stop-Brunnsparken
                 |        |      |H
- -----------------         |      |H
                          |      |H
                            LILLA BOMMEN

Follow the '>' and the '^'
H =3D tram tracks

[1]for those letterwise alternative equipped
- --=20
AFP Code 1.1 ANL d@ s:+ a- U+ R+ F+++ h- P---- OSMsDos-:- !C M- pp+ L+ c-=
Cn-:+ PT--- Pu* 5? X+ MT e? r* x+ end | member of the Gid Holyoake Harem(=
The best of men are not much better than housebroken,=20
but then the best of men are worth the trubble of housebreaking...

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