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Sweden 1.0: Report

From: (Jenny Holmberg)
Subject: [F] AfpSweden 1.0 Report
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 19:37:38 GMT
Message-ID: <>

There was a meet (albeit a small one), and I had a Psion... here's the

Time: January 3rd, 1998
Place: Gothenburg
Participants: Flabbergast & Jenny With The Temper

The only participants who showed up were Flabbergast and Jenny. They
arrived at 19.05 resp 19.15. Both had forgotten to bring the chocolate
covered coffee beans. This sad state of affairs was partly amended by
the intake of some beer (Flabbergast) and coffee (Jenny, who had to

At 20.50 food was loudly clamoured for. The entire party went looking
for a place of sustenance, preferrably one where the music wasn't too
loud, so it would be possible to engage in some conversation without
having to shout. A half-hour rambling ensued. After looking at
half-a-dozen restaurants[1], we of course returned to the first one.[2]
It proved a surprisingly nice place for an afpmeet - the food was
good[3] and it was pretty quiet though a bit too smoky.

The rest of the evening was spent discussing (amongst other topics of
interest) the mating habits of afp'ers, the lack of a decent flame war
(it being several days since the last one) and the plans for subsequent
meets in Sweden. At 23-ish the meet dispersed as Jenny had a long drive
ahead of her the next day. 

Conclusion: Arve, next time don't you *dare* get ill, and Alan, please
make better plans in the future. You really missed something.

[1] One of them was a newly-opened gay bar. Annika disclosed that she
had once broken her toe there. She also claimed that this happened
before the place became a gay bar, but did not give any further
information on the incident.

[2] It is a fundamental principle of human psychology that we *always*
return to the first restaurant.

[3] Though the cook apparently thought that "medium rare" ==

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