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From: Jenny With the Axe <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] AfpSweden 4.0 - Stockholm, July 25th
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 21:22:37 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Hear ye, hear ye. The Swedish afpmeetcabal (tinc)[1] have noticed that
far too long has passed since the last meet. We have decided to yet
again plague the city of Stockholm with
a) an influx of afp'ers from various distant places[2], and
b) fire. 

Yes, that's right. If the weather is as it is today, i.e. sunny and
warm, a barbecue is called for. Otherwise some pub (probably Akkurat
since at least three of the prospective participants know it and like
it) will be visited instead, though not with fire. 

Date:  July 25th, because we felt like it.[3]
Place: Lngholmen, by the crash site. 
Time:  About 5 pm should be a nice time to gather, methinks. 

Bring your own food and drink. Seeing as how I live in (or at least near)
Stockholm, I volunteer to bring charcoal.

Since the last afpSwe was held there has been a couple of new Swedes
on the froup... I hope to see some of you.

Considering the nature of Swedish summer weather, it might be a good
idea if participants e-mail me for a phone number in case we need to
arrange another meeting place (such as Akkurat, did I say that?).

[1] There is no cabal, but if there were, it would consist of
Flabbergast and myself, since we are the only once who have attended
all Swedish meets, and singly or jointly arranged all of them. 
[2] Such as Gothenburg, Linkping, and wherever anyone else may be
coming from.
[3] Also most of us will have a whole months pay to waste that evening.

- -- 
Jenny With the Axe (and the Temper)
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Things happen.

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