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From: Jenny With the Axe <>
Subject: [F] Meet report AfpSwe 4.0
Date: 02 Aug 1998 21:21:54 +0200
Message-ID: <m11zqzi3zh.fsf@tigger.hemma>

eport from AFPSwe 4.0, Stockholm, July 25th

There was a meet. Present were Gruk[1], Pixel[2], George[3] and

Last time I tried to make a report (that was AfpSwe 3.0, May 2nd,
1998) I got accused of doing only a quotefile, and no meet report.
This time it'll be the other way around... For the first[5] time in
afphistory there was an outdoor meet at which it did not rain. 

True to her habit, George managed to turn up late, again... even
though the rest of the Swedes decided that they might avoid that by
picking her up at the train... The axe was fetched from Pixel's
office[6]. Then George was tortured by being dragged into the shop
where Gerber Multi-Pliers are bought, whereafter the entire party went
shopping for things to barbecue. When such had been obtained, we
proceeded to Långholmen[7] and lit the fire.

Meat and vegetables were charred and eaten. George had brought
chocolate-covered vodka[8] and other chocolatey things... so had
Swedchef. Pixel brought her Axe but didn't hurt anyone. Pixel and Gruk
showed off their new Gerber Multi-Pliers and made George very jealous. 

When most of the food had been eaten, and all beer, wine and cider had
been drunk, it was beginning to get cold. The party then proceeded to
an indoors place, namely the pub Akkurat. Fortunately noone seemed to
recognise them from the previous meet, so they managed to get inside.
The rest of the evening was spent drinking beer, discussing the
Illuminati card game, comparing whiskys[9] and generally doing what
drunken afpers do[10].

OK, now can we get on with the quotefile?

Pixel (to Gruk): I love you even though you're deformed!
Swedchef: Surely a strap-on would solve that?

Gruk: If you did that, it squirted.

Gruk (to Pixel): Want me to stick it to you?

Gruk: I feel terribly innocent!

Swedchef: I am not normal.

Gruk (to Swedchef): Kinky, kinky!

Swedchef: Are these the dangerous 21,34 cm's?

Pixel and George (simultaneously, pointing at eachother): She did it!
Swedchef (to Gruk): You are evil!
Gruk: There's a merchandise description on me! (points at T-shirt with
the legend "Evil inside") 

Pixel: Sendmail 4.x? No bad language, please!

Gruk: Do you have any other dark secrets?
Pixel: Yes.

George: Maybe I should be worried... I know what size my father takes
in jeans... 

George (to Pixel and Gruk): *vom* *vom* *vom* repeat ad nauseam...

Swedchef (to Pixel): I think I'll have to report you for disturbing
the peace. 

George: I waaaaaannnnnnnaaaaa have one of those! 


[1] Ingvar Mattsson

[2] Jenny Holmberg

[3] Annika Larsson

[4] Staffan Tjernström

[5] According to Darran, and he's Welsh, so he never lies.

[6] Pixel then forgot to bring it back to the office on Monday,
provoking conversations as "Where's your axe today?" "Oh, I left it at
home... you see, I needed it this weekend." "Do we still have any live

[7] This is the place where a JAS plane crashed a couple of years
ago... in fact, we had our barbecue right beside the crash site. The
moral of the story is "Don't hold an airshow with experimental
aircraft in the middle of a city". 

[8] Ask her for the recipe... it's very good.

[9] Swedchef: This one's good, taste it... Pixel and Gruk: Yes, very
good. George: Yechh! 

[10] This is where I am not writing the things George doesn't want me
to write. 

Jenny With the Axe (and the Temper)
Goddess of delusions

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