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From: Jenny With the Axe <>
Subject: [F] Meet report (finally!) AfpSwe 5.0, August 12th
Date: 06 Sep 1998 20:42:22 +0200
Message-ID: <m1ww7hqe0h.fsf@tigger.hemma>

Report from AFPSwe 5.0, Linköping, August 12th

Again, there was a meet. Present were Gruk[1], Pixel[2], George[3] and
MSFBJorn[4]. Also, a couple of non-afpers by the names of Dennis and Karman
who showed up later.

This meet started at the railway station in Linkoping. Pixel had promised to
arrive by bus at a certain time, but due to unforeseen troubles at work she
arrived later, by train, and with a Temper. George and MSFBjorn were already
at the station. George, MSFBjorn and Pixel proceeded to Gruk's place of work
and managed to pry him off the machinery. The company then proceeded to the
famous[5] hamburgerjoint called Stångebro Gatukök. Garlic burger, fries and
bearnaise sauce... *mmm*!

The company then proceeded to proceed to a place where alcoholic beverages
could be imbibed. We stopped on the way to watch a crate-climbing contest[6].
When the climber had fallen down, we went to the pub Benny Hill, which,
despite its name, is quite a good waterhole. Later, Dennis and Karman joined

Some time lateish we got bored with the pub and decided to go Elsewhere. This
Elsewhere was located in Ingvars and Carmans apartment. There some alcohol
imbibed. Apart from that, the most memorable event of that part of the evening
was George and Pixel delightedly looking through a leather-and-latexware

The conversation included geekiness, other afpers, geekiness, conventions,
geekiness, books, and some geekiness.

OK, now can we get on with the quotefile?

Gruk: Ouch!

Bjorn: Oh! Semi-normal people, then... for geeks.

Gruk: It's a mathematical thing... it could be wose - it could be electrical.

Bjorn: Get out of the way! I need to get some more to drink!

Bjorn: (to Gruk) You're the senoir citizen here, then.
Gruk: No, I'm an expatriate.

Bjorn: You're the quote file expert - you don't get to eat!

Bjorn: Sweden meets are strange. You have only one Psion, and 50 % of the
attendants are women.
Bjorn: That's not going in the quote file!

Pixel: Emacs! Emacs!
Bjorn: Anyone says vi, I'll kill that person.
Pixel: Heretic!

Bjorn: Listen to the pronounciation of MSIN. "Am Sin". Do you think this is a

Bjorn: Anyone who's survived three years of comp.sci.studies is never going to
want to look at porno pictures on a computer again!
Bjorn: That's not going in the quote file!

George: I want them in bikinis!
Pixel: Gruk, dear, do you have a bikini at home?

George: I'm channeling Arnold Rimmer through my left nostril.

Bjorn: That is actually a very funny comment.

Gruk: Oh no, she killed it! George killed Coin!

Bjorn: I'm sorry I can't confuse you any more.

Gruk: Might have been the smaller e, then.

Bjorn: (to Gruk) What do you do when you change shirts?
Pixel: He gets confused.

Pixel:(about Gruk) His lov-... his boyfr-... the man he lives with.
Bjorn: Ooooh!
George: He is living together with a man.

Bjorn: George can corrupt anything.
George: At least, I can chew on the cables.

Bjorn: I tried to tie her down and everything, but I couldn't find any rope

George: This *must* be the true meaning for bringing a Psion *evil grin*
Pixel: You mean PRCing?[7]

George: I'm slow.
Gruk: At least you're admitting it

Bjorn: This is sort of a rambling meet... Lake District - Not!

Bjorn: Oh good, he's gone!

George: Let the vicious quoting begin!

George: OK, that was one time, more to come I'm sure...

Bjorn: I'll take the quote file now, this is getting silly.
Bjorn: Oh no, she's quoting me!
Bjorn: Darn, darn and darn!

Bjorn: Jennikins! That's nice. And it's nine letters! You can use it on IRC!
Pixel: George, if I am "Jennikins", then you are FluffyBunny.

George: No, "Darling", that's my laptop. At least it always works.
Pixel: It doesn't go down on you then?
George: No, that's the stupid one.
Pixel: I'm still trying to persuade Gruk to give me head.

Pixel: I do have some sense...
Bjorn: Get out of here!

Bjorn: I can't remembeer when I last looked at a blonde with lust.[7a]
Bjorn: Don't put that up! Because I do actually remember the last time.

Pixel: Last time I was asked for a blow job I said "Sure, I'll just fetch a
can of compressed air".

George: I'm NOT FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pixel, Gruk and Bjorn: YES YOU ARE!

Bjorn:(pointing at Gruk) And he's not blond!
George: When his hair isn't all greasy, he is.

Pixel:(about Gruk) I refuse to kiss him.

Karman: Boring, it doesn't even have a vibrator.

Jenny: George, can you add this (pointing at Karman) He said "I don't like
Karman: The world already knows.

Pixel: You did WHAT?
Pixel: Well, you can't do that!

Bjorn: If that isn't irony, I don't know what it is... silvery maybe, or

Pixel: You take over this whil I'm gone.

Bjorn: Don't forget to mention the bloody awful singer.

Bjorn: Oh, nice, something fluffy!

Dennis: It's a monster geek!

Dennis: Wooops! That was a yellow streak!

Gruk: (to Pixel) Sit still, I'm trying to hide behind you!

Bjorn: It's not hard.

Bjorn: We would like it down for the record that George is a liar.

Bjorn: No one is a geek unless they've abused at least five different flavors
of unix.

Bjorn: A Swedish Unix? A specially socially aware one? It probably doesn't
have any priorities built in.

Bjorn: This is the most geeky apartment I've ben in!

George: I can imagine several things to do with that much vaseline, but not
eating it.
Bjorn: Not directly, at least.

Karman: (about the carpet) Aaaargh! It's attacking!
Bjorn: Don't worry, it's just the carpet people.

Pixel: Yes, cute FluffyBunny!
George: Waaaaaaaah!

Bjorn: This is all weird! What am I doing here? I'm normal!

[1] Ingvar Mattsson

[2] Jenny Holmberg

[3] Annika Larsson

[4] Bjorn Bjornsson

[5] If it isn't famous, it ought to be. It's the sort of place that ought to
be in the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy as "just about the best hamburger
joint on Earth".

[6] The climber places him self on a beer crate, picks up an other beer crate,
and is supposed to stack it on the first without falling off. This continues
until climber does fall down. (He's attached to a safety rope, though.)

[7] Psion Relay Chat, of course!

[7a] George's comment: There were two attendants with blondish hair - Gruk and
George. I leave it up to your imagination who he was talking about.

[9] This is the man who carries handcuffs on his belt and has a whip in his
living room. I'm not sure if it's safe to leave the rest to your imagination.

/Pixel, who has been promising to get this sent ever since the meet...
Jenny With the Axe (and the Temper)
Goddess of delusions

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