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From: (Anders Henriksson)
Subject: [F] Meet report, Gothenburg, Oct 24
Date: 31 Oct 1998 00:52:08 GMT
Message-ID: <71dmvo$4kc$>

These are the not astonishingly accurate, but at least not lost
minutes from the small meeting in Gothenburg on October 24th.
Most attendants are old (ex-)afpers or #afpers. Any corrections
by anyone remotely connected to the meeting are probably correct.

Oh well, let's get this over with:

/Anders, first posting in 23 months, and it feels _good_...

Meet report - Gothenburg afp(ishlike) meeting, 24 oct

  Patrik - Blaren
  Staffan - The Swedish Chef
  Annika - George
  Jenny with the Axe
  Ingvar Mattson
  yours truly

Being a person skilled enough to avoid all afp-meetings ever
held, _anywhere_, I was a little bit curious about how strange the
rest of the attendants were going to be. To make things extra easy, we
had decided to meet att the Book Fair, where PTerry was to deliver
a speech and do some signing. (Always easy to spot someone you've
never seen before in a large building crammed with people...)

As usual, I was barely in time for PTerrys speech so I got no seat,
but at least I got in. (The allocated room was filled rapidly.)
There CD found me (I see him every day, but he was the only one I
had met before.) Terry talked about how he got around to become an
author, and about how hard it is to become a _good_ author.
When Terry was finished we headed straight for the signing queue,
as we expected the queue to grow quite rapidly. (And it did...)
Besides, we had agreed to meet the rest of the folks at the signing
booth. Fortunately, CD had told Jenny: "We won't find you, but you'll
find us..." (Both CD and I have a 6-8" height advantage on most

CD got his Illuminati University picture of Terry signed, and I managed
to get my PalmPilot signed before everybody had gathered. From there
we went to find a place to get some food (and beverages too...)
This required a major tour of central Gothenburg. (Mind you, most of
the attendants are actually living there.) At last we settled for
Brasserie Ferdinand, a nice, rather quiet, pub/restaurant.

Food was good (at least my carnivorous diet was), and they had a large
selection of beer, which was attacked by several attendants, though not
as viciously as I had expected. Topics discussed included:
stupid computer users, weapons and warfare, drinking, computers in
general, miscellaneous impurities and much more (which I have forgotten,
as usual).

After a couple of hours, we left Ferdinand for George's place. (George was
very specific on us actually _paying_ the bill before leaving, as she
preferred to be able to return some other time.) George's place got
somewhat crowded, especially when Jenny and Ingvar felt going to bed was
a good idea. After a while cd and I managed to drag ourselves back to
Chalmers, leaving the rest of the crew in dreamland. (Baring Blaren who
left us after the Ferdinand.)

Various quotes[1][3] from the evening:

Ingvar: "Vad gör DEN här?"
       ("What does THAT do here?")

Blaren: "Det ger mig mentala bilder jag inte ens vill tänka på."
       ("It gives me mental pictures I don't even want to think about.")

George: "Finger his wattle."
Jenny:  "WHAT did you as me to finger?"
(a short while later) 
Jenny:  "I don't know what it was, but it was nice and soft..."

Jenny:  "Skall jag säga åt honom att sluta?"
       ("Should I tell him to stop?")
George: "Nej!!!"

CD:     "The Wall är inte en film man vill se efter att ha tagit LSD,
         har jag hört..."
       ("The Wall is no movie you want to see after taking LSD, or so
         I've heard...")

Jenny:  "Is your nose still stimulated?"

[1] At least somewhat accurate.[2]
[2] And out of context, as always...
[3] Quotes provided in both English and Swedish were originally
    uttered in Swedish. Translations by me...

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