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From: Jens Kristoffer Nielsen <>
Subject: [F] Copenhagen 1.0 afpmeet 30th of March 2002
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 22:26:20 +0100

Okay, let's try to gauge the interest.

I propose a meet on Saturday the 30th of March this year. I suggest we
start at 16.00 to make sure we can get some tables. The end of the
meet? Who knows.

Venue: The Globe (an Irish pub in Nørregade 43-45 in central
Copenhagen). I suggest we sit on the top level in the library (seems
fitting, somehow). The Globe have Guinness, Caffrey's, Kilkenny's and
several Danish beers on tap. They also have a fairly good kitchen -
nothing fancy, but good food.

How to get there: The easy way is to take the S-tog (our local Tube
equivalent) and walk to the pub. Click on the supplied link to get a


E-mail: I've created an account for the meet. Send mail to and it will reach me.

How to recognise me: Look for a fairly tall (6'2") male with glasses,
fairly short hair and dressed all in black. When you give up because
of the amount of people that fit that description, look for some Kirby
artwork - I'll bring my illustrated paperback of Eric to the meet.

I would very much like to hear from interested would-be participants.
I've given up a couple of times when I've proposed a meet and met with


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