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Manchester 2.0

Welcome to the Manchester 2.0 blackmail picture file.

This was the second afp meet to be held in the glorious city of Manchester

Here is the discussion that followed the event...

And now for the pictures

All pictures on this page are 196x128x8 gif's. Click on the gif to download a 768x512 (or 512x768) colour Jpeg.

If you wish to have high-res copies of any of these feel free to contact me. The originals are 2048x3072x24bit.

Enjoy - Robert Collier <>

[Thumbnail picture]


Dave Le Good and JJ deep in discussion whilst someone I've forgotten the name of (Steve?) looks on and Björn contemplates the floor?

[Thumbnail picture]


Mark "say cheese" Lowes in action

[Thumbnail picture]


JJ and "the man with no name" (Steve?) discuss the thorny issue of who's buying the next round...

[Thumbnail picture]


Lee "MancheXter" Staniforth and Björn (?) amuse Mark L.

[Thumbnail picture]


And then the hedgehog song was perpetrated...

[Thumbnail picture]


The mythical "pot of money" from which our good humour (of the alcohol induced form) flowed.

[Thumbnail picture]


Darrell and Mark L. lie in wait for the next prey in their photo safari.

[Thumbnail picture]


Mark L. yet again attempts to take center-stage despite Tap's (Andy Fawcett) valiant attempts to distract him.

[Thumbnail picture]


"And photos of people taking photos were taken..."

[Thumbnail picture]


Mike K. looks off camera whilst Björn toasts YHN, Mark L. shows why he always has multiple smilies in his postings (He's a perpetual griner) whilst Tap is deep in discussion with Angela.

[Thumbnail picture]


The one and only Martin O'Nions looking cool calm and collected as he discusses the sale of NHS hospitals to Tesco.

[Thumbnail picture]


Mike and Björn look on in horror as they realise that all the nasty chocolate covered things have vanished!

[Thumbnail picture]


Darrell continues in his efforts to convert the world to his own bitter and twisted point of view.

[Thumbnail picture]


Mark L. and Angela are spammed by Tap.

[Thumbnail picture]


JJ, Monica and Martin in the background later that same evening...

[Thumbnail picture]


We'll have a table for 15 please.

[Thumbnail picture]


Much later, our very own afpa-mod trying to get some sleep on Mark L's floor.

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