From: (Lee Staniforth, Andy (Tap) Fawcett, Bjorn (Ursus), Murky B & Monica Banerjee.)
Subject: Manchester beta 2.0 review
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 03:45:21 GMT
Organization: The Fresh Start Club
Lines: 75
Message-ID: <>


Manchester 2.0 is over, and after much wailing an gnashing of teeth it
went rather well (even if I, Mark, did fall asleep in the restaurant).

Lee, Andy and Bjorn arrived at our flat just in time to watch
Superman, but they talked all through it.

Upon arriving at Scruffy Murphy's we met an assortment of people
including Dave Le Good, D. Ottery and the Mighty Lowes. 

Much alcohol was imbibed - especially by my good self, the speciality
of the house was Guinness and Kilkenny. 

JJ, myself, Lee, Bjorn and Dave Le Good took it upon ourselves to sing
the Hedgehog song to the pub as a whole, we were joined by various
others. The wizard's knob song didn't go down too well.

We also sang "Ilkley Moor bar tat" and had an attempt at "Oh Sir
Jasper do not touch me".

Bjorn refrained from these songs.

Darrell was kind enough to bring lots of chocolates and Rob Collier
bought some nice choccy sweets - with coffee beans in.

After the pub we went to the Greek restaurant - Kosmos, where most of
us ordered the meat "mezze" - tons of food. I actually felt a little
worse for wear by this point and found it very hard to actually avoid
falling asleep. The waitress was very understanding and bought me some

The food was very good, and included hummous, various dips, pitta
breads, calamari, salads, olives, rice, kebabs, meatballs, lamb,
basically the whole menu. 

I am sure Andy will appreciate some of the recipes! (He complained
that not everyone had sent a recipe[1])

After the Kosmos Bjorn, Lee and Andy came to Mon and my place where we
played "Scruples". We found that Lee did not have any[2]. I won by the
simple process of lying in a convincing manner.

It is now half past three in the morning, and after playing with
Forbes[3] for a while all five of us are composing this message.

This is very much a preliminary report, and we're sure that Darrell
will produce a much more detailed effort as he was tapping away at his
Psion 3a all night.

Thanks to Dave Le good for producing the song sheets for the two
notorious songs, and also a recording of the original "A-Wim-ba-wey"
song, which doesn't mention Lions at all.

Joey sends his Love[5]

[1] ANDY! hummous. Take some Chick Peas. Push them through a sieve so
they are pulped. Add some Garlic and a little lemon juice. Chill. Eat
with celery, pitta bread - whatever. 
[2] All hail goatie Lee!
[3] Forbes is our Hamster. Named after Emma Forbes[4] from "Live and
Kicking", we thought that Emma bore a resemblance.
[4] Now we don't mind WHAT the cameramen get up to!
[5] Joey is the name that Bjorn has given a string puppet owned by
myself and monica. We didn't see fit to name it, that's Bjorn for you.

Monica (First Post)

Murky B            

If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON
stick to the pan?

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