From: Andy Fawcett <>
Subject: Re: Manchester beta 2.0 review
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 15:41:04 +0000
Organization: Being Lazy At Home (BLAH)
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 (Lee Staniforth, Andy (Tap) Fawcett, Bjorn (Ursus), Murky B & Monica Banerjee.) wrote:

> Hi AFP
> Manchester 2.0 is over, and after much wailing an gnashing of teeth it
> went rather well (even if I, Mark, did fall asleep in the restaurant).
> Lee, Andy and Bjorn arrived at our flat just in time to watch
> Superman, but they talked all through it.

Yes, but comment was made about the finer points of Ms Hatcher.

> I am sure Andy will appreciate some of the recipes! (He complained
> that not everyone had sent a recipe[1])

> [1] ANDY! hummous. Take some Chick Peas. Push them through a sieve so
> they are pulped. Add some Garlic and a little lemon juice. Chill. Eat
> with celery, pitta bread - whatever. 

Saved to the archive as a Murky Speciality.

> After the Kosmos Bjorn, Lee and Andy came to Mon and my place where we
> played "Scruples". We found that Lee did not have any[2]. I won by the
> simple process of lying in a convincing manner.

I thought it was an interesting game. I'm not prepared to reveal the
questions asked (or the answers given) except under pain of having to
consume lots of alcohol :-)

> It is now half past three in the morning, and after playing with
> Forbes[3] for a while all five of us are composing this message.

I said not to mention Forbes, since Mark Lowes would prick his ears up
ans start twitching his nose.

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