From: Andy Fawcett <>
Subject: Re: [FAN] Manchester 2.0 Report (*F*)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 15:32:20 +0000
Organization: Being Lazy At Home (BLAH)
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          Darrell Ottery <> wrote:

> Manchester 2.0 was attended by considerably more folk than I was
> expecting. Those present included yhn, Mark Lowes, the fair Angela,
> the unimaginative Robert Collier, the ever-moderate Mike Knell, Lee
> 'Goatee' Staniforth, the irresponsible Dave Le Good (more of this
> later), Andy 'Spam King' Fawcett, Bjorn 'Icelandic' Bjornsson, Mark
I don't know where this nick came from, but I resemble that remark.

> 'Rat-arsed' Burbidge and the delightful Monica, Martin 'Used your LART
> today?' O'Nions, and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.
> Tough. :)

Up to your usual standard Darrell ;-)

> More "evil bastard chocolate things" were produced by yhn and devoured
> rapidly by everyone else. Hmmm. And they never noticed I didn't eat any
> myself... They seemed to meet with approval. The recipe for 'Death by
> Caffeine' will be available shortly from the afp recipe server.

Oh goody, do they come with health warnings???

> Topics of discussion meandered almost as much as afp threads, but
> included, in no particular order, driving tests, writing off cars,
> roundabouts, surveys, and Doom. Oh, and at a rough guess bread products,
> beer, Marmite, and other obligatory subjects too.

Beer was never mentioned (or consumed) by any of us. Oh no, not us pure
innocent ones. Wassat? Whatderyermean they all know???

> Tap proved he knew far too much about Merkia than could possibly be
> healthy, as well as spamming the meet in his usual manner.

Nah, I called it America, so that shows how much I know...

> Angela explained the horrible truth behind Flossy. 

And chocolate.

> Angela proved to be as camera-shy as ever, but very little escapes the
> BPFH. A quick flash and evidence was procured.
> And on the subject of cameras Tap showed his potential to become the
> next Lichfield by taking snaps without a wound-on film present.

And next week children, I'll show you how to program a Psion with an axe

> "I suggest you fork me." "It's already in." Tap to Mark L.

Just to put this in context, Mark was trying to stab me with a skewer. I
was merely suggesting that he could have four times the effect with a
fork. Honest.

> "Light up and you'll have to spend 24h in the same room as Darrell." -
> to Tap.

On nearly smoking for the first time since September 17 1995. The merest
hint of the above threat was sufficient.

> "I had a fork in one of these." Mark L.

And we're not talking Reliant Robin here either.

Other things may or may not have happened, see Murky's separate report :-)

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