From: Mark Lowes <>
Subject: [FAN] Re: Manchester beta 2.0 review (*F*)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 13:55:28 GMT
Organization: The Hamster's Cage
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On Sun, 25 Feb 1996 03:45:21 GMT, in <> (Lee Staniforth, Andy (Tap) Fawcett, Bjorn (Ursus), Murky & Monica Banerjee.) wrote.....

>Manchester 2.0 is over, and after much wailing an gnashing of teeth it
>went rather well (even if I, Mark, did fall asleep in the restaurant).

I'm sure the photos won't be too incriminating >:)

>Lee, Andy and Bjorn arrived at our flat just in time to watch
>Superman, but they talked all through it.

Ahh did anyone mention Iceland?

>JJ, myself, Lee, Bjorn and Dave Le Good took it upon ourselves to sing
>the Hedgehog song to the pub as a whole, we were joined by various
>others. The wizard's knob song didn't go down too well.

very scarey seeing that many ppl trying to sing, the looks from the rest
of the pub were someing to behold.

>This is very much a preliminary report, and we're sure that Darrell
>will produce a much more detailed effort

He did :)

>as he was tapping away at his Psion 3a all night.

Ahahaha!!! Pedant point!!  It was my Psion :)

>Thanks to Dave Le good for producing the song sheets for the two
>notorious songs,

May he be forgiven by the locals


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