From: Martin O'Nions <>
Subject: Re: [FAN] Manchester 2.0 Report (*F*)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 96 20:06:29 GMT
Organization: Uncertain
Lines: 47
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A couple of brief notes on what, In article <>
  "Darrell Ottery" wrote:

> Things started badly, and got worse. It tailed off a bit towards the
> end.
8:50pm. Or about 5 hours before people actually went home.

> This was probably due to someone (who should probably have known
> better) providing both words and music to both the Hedgehog song, and 'A
> Wizard's Staff'.

> We wrapped up in the pub around closing time and moved about 30 yards up
> the road to a 'dodgy' Greek resteraunt to continue. Quite why, nobody
> here can recall, but there was no doubt a good reason at the time. I
> believe we quite suprised the staff by wandering in and asking for a
> table for 20, despite the fact there were only 15 of us. So much so, in
> fact, that afp had its natural effect on the other diners and shortly we
> had the place pretty much to ourselves...
What fooled them even more was the fact that having laid a table for
fifteen (after a head count), they found us occupying seventeen seats.
And the first person to suggest that I required three of them will be
serverely LARTed.

> Conversation at the civilised end of the table revolved scarily about
> asr matters. The 'Towers of Hanoi' in reduced Martin to
> tears.
> loses something in the translation...

> And the now-obligatory out-of context quote file:
> "I can't pronounce that!" "Chicken kebab." - Martin and waitress.
Actually, it was "I'm not even going to try to pronounce that". And
there were extenuating circumstances.

Martin O'Nions [ENTP]   Used your LART yet today?
     Father heard his children scream / So he threw them in the stream
  Saying, as he drowned the third / "Children should be seen, *not* heard!"
           (Harry Graham - Ruthless Rhymes for Heartless Homes

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