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In article <>,
	Darrell Ottery <> writes:
> (Mod. note: Approved actually _before_ being written, but why do we
> bother with charters anyway? Sheesh... --MPK.)

Everyone knows we only keep you to LART spammers Mike.

> Shortly down the road, AFP M40 0.1 was convened (Codename RAC), where
> the subjects discussed included rain, Linux, more rain, the road, the
> length of time it takes to get RAC vans out, and a game of I-Spy. The
> first and last letter was 'R'...

In case anyone cares - there was only one round and they got the answer

> Arrival in Manchester took place some time afterwards,
> via Safeways in Newcastle-under-Lyme, where note was taken of areas
> designated 'Pick-up points'. Say no more.

I believe Mike has photos of us being silly at this point.

> Marks 2 and 3 of said items made an appearance over the course of the
> evening, with similar effects. These were less large, but probably
> contained a similar OD since they were made with crushed coffee beans
> with just enough chocolate to hold them together. Mark 3 was similar,
> but contained honey and ginger as well. Comments included 'different'.

To expand on this, I actualy said 'not better, not worse - just different',
and they were very very good.

> Many photos were taken, some by yhn to be used for potential blackmail
> purposes. Photos of people taking photos were taken. I need say no more.

Well, when me and Mark [L] were facing each other with loaded cameras it
became obvious what would happen next...

The pictures will appear somewhere in about a week and a half. I'm expecting
the PCD of the Warwick meet tommorow btw if anyone is interested. I can be
bribed to (not)place incriminating pictures on the web :)

> Surveys were also mentioned, and the idea that maybe Leo might like to
> hold one was mooted, possibly on the futility of holding surveys...

Now this I gotta see <ducks and runs>

> One wonders just why Rob took his camera to the toilet...

Obviously this was to prevent anyone tampering with the film which I intend
to use for blackmail purposes.

> Conversation at the civilised end of the table revolved scarily about
> asr matters. The 'Towers of Hanoi' in reduced Martin to
> tears. 

Has anyone got a copy of this btw? I saw it in asr or bofh.* recently,
however a HD crash means I no longer have it - and Martin missed it (Which
is why he cracked up when I mentioned it at the meet - he was unprepared).

> Cutlery was decided to be largely inefficient, except perhaps the
> skewers. Right, Rob? Fencing proved a brief sport.

Unfortuently Bjorn refused to take a photo of me with a skewer through my
neck - spoilsport :)


> "I wish I'd brought my calculator. Then I could have taken notes as
> well." - Rob.

Well, there were psions to the left of me and psions to the right of me -
now if my 32k graphics calc were there I could have joined in - or at least
demonstrated the stupidity of writing mandelbrot set generating programs in
TI calculator language.


> "We don't need 70 columns. One's enough." - Mark L.

I'm sure that the original said 'Colm' not 'column'.

> "Rob's got a skewer through his neck. But I suppose this is normal
> behaviour for someone from Warwick." - Martin.

See above.

I don't think anyones mentioned the tale of the blue steak yet either. JJ
ordered steak - and specified that he wanted it blue - but the message
failed to get to the chef. The chef thought that he wanted a _rare_ steak,
and therefor left the steak to cook for a while (say 10s), which did not
please JJ, who sent it back. Luckily it doesn't take very long to cook a
blue steak :).

Thats it for my recollections at the moment - apart from the fact that I had
a caffeen headache the next day curtesy of the chocolate things and Mark's

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