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From: Alex Ridge <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: AFP London Meet after signing at Forbidden Planet on Saturday 13th (fwd)
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 07:12:08 GMT

If you are going to the SM signing at the Forbidden Planet on Saturday in Londonhow's about meeting uip afterwards.

I suggest a meet up (type thing) at the 'White Hart' in Drury Lane (about 5 min
walk from the FP)

Hows about it folks?

Directions :[1]

                  Tot.Ct.Rd.               Drury Lane
                        ^                       ^
                        l                       l
                     W ZlZ   New Oxford St.     l High Holborn
Oxford Street <---------+-------.....-----------+------------------>Holborn
                       ZlZ  Y                   l  
                        l                       l X
                        V                       V
                 Charing X Rd.             Drury Lane 

Where :

W = Virgin Megastore
X = White Hart (in Drury Lane)
Y = Forbidden Planet
Z = Tottenham Ct Rd Tube -O-

Alex Ridge.

Address: Somewhere in North London, England.
Email  :
[1] I should have the map the right way up this time!

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