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From: Tony Finch <>
Subject: AFP Dinner at Trinity College
Date: 27 May 1995 00:25:19 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Details of the Trinity Dinner that have been fixed so far:

Date:  10th June
Time:  7:30pm for 8pm
Meet:  outside the Great Gate
Eat:   In the Great Hall
Price: 7 quid
Food:  Tell me if you're veggie, please
Wine:  I'll do the port, please bring a bottle for the meal
Dress: Smart (shirt & tie or a nice frock) & academical
Cars:  I expect the best place is the multi-storey behind the Round Church
Night: Some people might be persuaded to offer somewhere to sleep 
   Alan Bellingham <>,
   Alex Ridge <>,
   Andrew Holmes <>,
   Andrew Mobbs <>,
   Colette Reap <>,
   Dan Staines <>,
   Dudley Batters <>,
   Duncan MacGregor <>,
   Emmet O'Brien <>,
   Helen Highwater <>,
   Kat <>,
   Leon Parsons <>,
   Mark Staples <>,
   Michael Grant <>,
   Mike Knell <>,
   Owen Dunn <>,
   Paul A Rood <>,
   Richard Kettlewell <>,
   Roderick Brown <>,
   Simon Callan <>,
   Tom Pearson <>,
   Tony Finch <>

If anyone else wants to come, they had better email me soon (Monday
will be too late! [1])

"academical" means if you are a member of the University and have a
gown (or can borrow one), then wear it, otherwise it doesn't matter.

When I get confirmation from my Tutor and the Dean (which should be a
formality), I will ask for money. No money before lunchtime on Thurday
the 8th June will mean no food or port!

I think that's everything for the time being.

It's a bit like being at a party in the dark when somebody 
has put something in the punch. -- Terry Pratchett

[1] probably

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