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Cambridge: Report

From: Paul A Rood <>
Subject: AFP Cambridge Meet
Date: 11 Jun 1995 11:06:23 +0100
Message-ID: <>

I arrived at 8.15 following a 110 mile an hour dash from 
home through the streets of cambridge and Trinity 

Even got into the hall which had long table with people at 
them, and serving things near the door.

Was intercepted by a fat important looking bloke who asked 
if he could help.

Said he didn't know a Tony Finch, and that noone had left 
any tickets with him.

He then explained it might be better if I left as I had 
missed the first course.

So I went home. Sorry to have missed the fun. Maybe next 

-- Paul A Rood

From: (Emmet O'Brien)
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 00:25:49 GMT

  Posting at 1:10am in the middle of an afp meet, fairly seriously drunk, so 
 please ignore if dubious.. 

   I personally am enjoying myself if not sure what is going on..

   Discussion has Been had about elves and cats, and Pterry in general.. I am 
  being provided with cider.. Tom has disappeared.. FTony is posting as I type
  .. Tom has disappeared into the toilets.. The food wAs presentable.. Orin and
  Skud, your country makes good wine.. I got Kat's name right purely by chance.
  [ and being Irish ].. I am being taken advantage of.. nolobody has mentioned
  big engines in small cars, thankfully.. I remembered to label my posting,
  which constitutes dedication above and beyond the call of duty.. I am 
  being brutally slandered in a post being composed as I write.. Alan took a 
  photo which I feel will go to the archives, nothing compromising, 
  unfortunately.. decorum is being maintained new proposals, though 
  Kat et al buggered off to a different pub hours ago..

   This is being dictated by a lurker called Marikike Stapl


 we are losing it..

From: (Tony Finch)
Subject: AFP Cambridge Meet
Date: 11 Jun 1995 00:40:45 GMT
Message-ID: <3rde2d$>

Well, this is sort of working, and most of us are here, so...

(Emmet dictates, and some others too...)

Alan took a picture of us in front of the fountain, and through the
cunning device of technology managed to get himself in there as well.

Us being:
  Alan Bellingham
  Andrew Holmes
  Andrew Mobbs (Nyarlathotep)
  (The fair) Colette Reap
  Dan Staines (Does he really?)
  Fnord David Fnord Damerell (half thereof)
  Duncan MacGregor
  Emmet O'Brien (he of the naked anorankh)
  Kat Harris (What is her first name?)
  Leon Parsons
  Mark Staples
  Mchl Grnt
  Owen Dunn
  Richard Kettlewell
  Rory Brown
  Simon Callan
  Tom "Four hours in the bog" Pearson (he's not out yet)
  Tony Finch (Who, me?)
  and, Vivek Dasidfhgiudwh

Then we went to Hall (whilst I got my wine).

The Menu was (annotated)...

Potage pompidour

Sort of tomatoey carroty soup with rice and green things in it.


Salmon (quite nice)
Baked asparagus pancake lasagna sort of thingy.

with peas and spuds


armour plated mousse with icing sugar and half a strawberry
(extreeemely hard to get in to, and amazing gooey stuff at the bottom)
(general empathy for the dish washers who had to clean the dishes for this...)

and then we went to my room, where we had port...[1]
And some more port. By this time, Dave turned up, and had a drink
bought for him (since I paid for the port...).

During this time, many things happened...

People got blinded (camera flashes)
People got quoted...
  Emmet: Relevant? You Bastard!!
  Someone (after visiting the loo opposite the JCR): Chocolate condoms??!!??
  Dan Staines: My god! there are people discussing PTerry over there!
    That's not allowed!
  The Fair Colette was carried over the cobbles by Simon Callan and
    Emmet (although for most of the evening she spent her time
    sandwiched between Alan and Simon...)
  Vivek: Shouldn't try that backwards in your state if I were you.
  Emmet (again) Gaspode is a cat in disguise...
  Emmet (yet again): His Irish aphorisms:
    Bejaysus! Mother of God!
  Emmet: I'm not as drunk as I fucking look, OK?
(Emmet is having a good time)
PORT WAS SPILT (Oh no! Death mode)
[2]                             ,
Chocolates were et (Ferrero Roche courtesy Emmet (again))
Port was drunk
David Damerell _IS_ Baron Samedi (when wearing a Top Hat)
My room can hold eighteen people (even though it has held more before)

David Damerell led a Mission to the Pub. Us less keen people (and
those who had to make sure there wasn't a bunch of drunken people left
in his room) went to Clare MCR [4] to drink what they had there.

Emmet complains about slander that isn't really slander... (he DID say it)

We are still here, and going on a posting spree (feeding alcohol to
the computers...)

Tony (running out of things to say).
To express oneself
in seventeen syllables
is very diffic

[1] was that a Harvard comma?
[2] gratuitous footnote
[3] we have run out of things
[4] oh so poshe[5]
[5] rather than posh

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