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Oxford AFPissup: Report

From: Chris Joseph <>
Subject: *F* Oxford AFPissup
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 09:44:36 +0100
Message-ID: <>

The Official AFPissup ended in the small hours of this morning
(about 1.30 to be precise).  As the boring person who satyed soaber 
throughout the task falls to me (Ben Chalmers) to actually write up the 

1:  Before the meet LNR, Ian, Ben and Chris met in Chris's room in order 
to get suitably in the mood for a meet.
2:  Having persuaded Chris he didn't need to pack _Everything_ straight 
away we eventually made it to the Turf Tavern on time.
3:  People met and talked.  I won't even try and remeber who everyone 
was, but subjects included taunting David Damerell (the only Cambridge 
representative), Drinking, Taunting David, Doom, Taunting David, Sheep 
and Taunting David.
4:  We left the Turf in search of better things and came accross a Pizza 
Hut.  In search of the supreme (TM) taste sensation we began to eat...
5:  We returned to Jesus in order to play Doom and stayed their quite a 
while before going our respective ways.
6:  I woke up in agony after a night on Chris's floor and got logged into 
Sable to type this.

A good time was had by all (Except possibly David who left early claiming 
it was something to do with his Roleplaying society and nothing at all to 
do with being severly taunted)


Ben (Not Chris/Ramna) - Im not a gestalt entity, I'm a free man
* It is an established fact of Lancre witchcraft that it's not theft if *
* a witch is doing it.  The belief that all property should be held in  *
* common is widely held by those with no property.   -  Terry Pratchett *

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