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From: "John S. Ewing" <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: *F* Glasgow meet
Date: 24 Jun 1995 11:48:10 +0100
Message-ID: <>

I said some time ago that I intended to arrange a meet in Glasgow
_before_ Intersection, so that we can plan a pub-crawl etc. in
advance. I met another afp-er - Barbara Murray - last week and
we decided that rather than posting a vague 'anyone got any
suggestions as to where to meet' message, we would propose a definite
plan. So:

Venue: Bon Accord, North Street, Glasgow. (Near the Mitchell Library)
       Wide range of cask ales.
Date : Thursday 6th July
Time : 7.30 pm onwards

Obviously the plan is to drink, plan the next pub-crawl (a rehearsal
in early August for Intersection perhaps), drink, maybe eat, drink....
Hopefully PR6 will be out by then, so we can arrange things to fit
in with Intersection's agenda.
Depending on peoples' travel plans, I expect we'll finish up
in either the city centre or the west end. I don't see us leaving
the Bon until 9pm, and we'll let the bar staff know where we're

If enough people say they'd prefer a different date, then no doubt
something else can be arranged (two pub-crawls ?), but I've always 
believed in starting with a positive statement, otherwise nothing happens. 
I'll be there anyway; if I'm not wearing an afp t-shirt
then ask for me at the bar, as almost all the staff know me by name :-).
(This was one reason for selecting this pub.)

Hope to see many of you in the Bon Accord.


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