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Glasgow 1.0: Report

From: "John S. Ewing" <>
Subject: *F* Scottish Meets
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 95 23:05:47 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I remember reading some time ago a suggestion for a get-together
in Edinburgh. Is anything happening as regards this?

Glasgow - I still haven't got round to reporting on Glasgow Meet 1.0;
I'll do so eventually. But is anyone interested in Glasgow 2.0? And
if so, do we want it _before_ the newbies arrive at Uni? :-)
(We could plan Glasgow 3.0 - to take place when the newbies are here.)

Another possibility would be a joint Edinburgh / Glasgow meeting
on neutral territory - how about the Four Mary's in Linlithgow
some Saturday afternoon? Good beer, good food.

Anyone interested - please e-mail me.
John S. Ewing      |         internet:
Glaschu / Glasgow  |
Alba / Scotland    |

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