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Broomcon: Report

From: Paul A Rood <>
Subject: *F*A.F.P meet - Broomcon
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 23:28:16 GMT
Message-ID: <>

The day was fine, I had some wine (Bitter really), Got to 
meet a lot of stange looking Pagans, goths and then, from 
out of the tent, with a back drop of smoke came an 
apperition, nay, a godess, for there before my eyes was 
the fair Colette, the one and only.

Accompainied by Alan, and Ian was there too.

Terry gave an excellent talk on many things, and got round 
to headology eventually. There was an American in the 
crowd, and the idea for a self excavating mound was 
presented for the first time. Terry ran out of G&T and the 
committee felt his ironic side. "There's a guest here who's 
run out of drink....."

Following the talk,  discussion centred around various 
items, including the qualityu of plane travel, the size of 
peoples hands, slabs of meat, with sauce and what a golm is.

We also chatted about Tolkien, Tony robinson and the world 
in general, including the x-files and the outer limits.

The old TV series "Monkey" put in an appearance, and much 
laughter was done by all, include all us lot about the 
campsites entertainmnet (Raw sex II)

A jolly good day, and lots of interest in the convention, 
so I'm happy.

When shall we four meet again?

Well I can do next Tuesday,
Sorry, can't do Tuesday

August sounds good, 12/13 The Clarecraft do

How many people are coming? OHSHITOHSHIT

Until the 12th...........

P.S These pagans, funny lot!!!!

Paul A Rood Discworld Convention 
Chairman"Non Id Inscite 
********************28th-30 June 1996, Manchester, England  
       **Terry Pratchett, Josh Kirby, Stephen Briggs 
and**1001 Elephants (plus support).                 

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