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Ealing 2.0: Report

From: Colette Reap <>
Subject: *F* Ealing meet 2.0 report
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 95 00:08:15 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Minutes of the second Ealing meet.

Present: Colette Reap
         Alan Bellingham     
         Emmet O'Brien
         Kat Harris
         David Damerell (!)
         Alex Eggart (Alex #1)
         Alex Ridge (Alex #2) (Calm down Alex - I only refer to arrival
         Adrian Wragg          order at the meet) 

Despite not having a clue where he was going, David managed to arrive at the 
Wheatsheaf first. Shortly after he was joined by Colette, Alan and Emmet,
thus the meet was at least quorate. While we were waiting to see who else
was going to turn up, Oxford and its denizens were discussed - mostly by
David, as he's the only one who's met any of them. The next arrival was
Alex #1, followed by Adrian Wragg, Kat and Alex #2.

Once all were present the following subjects were discussed:
 - Doom (at great length and with many hand gestures)
 - Doom, The Movie and Doom, The Novel
 - Terminator III
 - Differences in time travel theory, its relation to Terminator II and Dios
 - Some really dire jokes
 - welders (animate and inanimate) and the fun Kat has playing with them
 - More time travel in relation to Eric and Sourcery
 - Highlander III and IV
 - the true mark of a yuppie (mobile 'phone or pager?)
 - Windows '96 v. Linux
 - and
 - $cientology and $Tony
 - whose round is it anyway?

The meet then (depending on your point of view) degenerated into a mass
proposal. Emmet briefly (purely for the purpose of reassurance (Kat's, not 
his)) held Kat's hand.  Alex #2 kept proposing to Kat but did not receive a
reply, so in frustration (I assume) he proposed to Adrian, and, rather
surprisingly, appears to have been accepted - well, put it this way, there
are four witnesses who heard Adrian say 'yes'. Having thus cemented their
bond, they then jointly proposed to Kat, whose feelings on the matter may
best be gauged by the fact that she kept hitting her 'suitors', although it
must be said that she was last seen heading off into the distance with them

Minutes prepared by Colette, with assistance from The Bellinghman and Emmet.


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