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Cambridge 3.0: Announce

From: Alan Bellingham <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: A.F.P Meet: Cambridge 3.0
Date: 22 Aug 1995 07:54:50 +0100
Message-ID: <>

>>                                                                        <<
>>      Inasmuch as it is a tradition of to hold        <<
>>  meets, especially for strange people from overseas [1], and inasmuch  <<
>>    as Joann Dominik is believed to be in the vicinity of Cambridge     <<
>>   on a relevant date, let it be known that such a meet will be held.   <<
>>                                                                        <<
>>               This meet will be known as Cambridge 3.0.                <<
>>                                                                        <<
>>  This meet will take place at 7:30 pm on the evening of Friday 15th    <<
>>                            September 1995.                             <<
>>                                                                        <<
>>   This meet will be convened at the above time at the Granta Inn, on   <<
>>                     Newnham Road in Cambridge [2].                     <<
>>                                                                        <<
>>  All are welcome. Remember, you don't have to be known to any of us    <<
>>                to turn up - afp meets are open to all.                 <<
>>                                                                        <<
>>              Phone number for the pub: 44-1223-67382                   <<
>>                                                                        <<

[1] We, the UK contingent, will of course expect reciprocal arrangements
    on visiting Merka, Oz, Eire or any other places. You have been 
    warned :-)

[2] Newnham Road is to the west of the city centre. Directions as follows:

    From the south, approaching up the A10 or M11: 

      1) At the junction of the A10 with the M11, take the road into

      2) Continue through Trumpington, going straight at all junctions
         until a double mini-roundabout is reached - the first giving
         an exit to the left, and the second to the right. You will
         have the Leys School to your left.

      3) Turn left onto Fen Causeway.

      4) 500 metres ahead, there is a roundabout, with routes to the
         left and right only. Turn right.

      5) Continue along Newnham Road for about 100 metres, and the 
         Granta will be on your right.

    From the north, approaching down the A14 (was 604):

      1) At the A14/M11 junction, take the A1307 into Cambridge.

      2) Continue straight past Girton, until traffic lights with a
         Texaco garage on the left are encountered. Keep straight and 
         descend Castle Hill beyond.

      3) At the base of the hill, turn right at the traffic lights, and
         100 metres later, bear left at the mini-roundabout.

      4) Continue along Queen's Road for 1000 metres, until encountering
         a cross roads with traffic lights. Silver Street is to your left, 
         Sedgewick Avenue to your right.

      5) Continue straight ahead onto Newnham Road. After about 100 metres,
         the Granta will be to your left, just before the water.

    From the west, approaching along whateever they call whatever used
    to be the A45:

      1) Take the A1303 into Cambridge, passing the American Cemetary.

      2) Keep straight until encountering a mini-roundabout with two
         other exits at 11 o'clock and 3 o'clock. Turn right onto Queen's

      3) See (4) for approaching from the north.

    From the east, along the A14 (was A45):

      0) Theoretically, you should be able to turn off onto the same road
         that the northeners will arrive by, but ... it's a weird junction,
         and I'm hedgehogged if I know how. So ...

      1) Taking the A1303 into Cambridge (the first signposted), keep 
         straight at all lights and junctions, passing the Abbey football
         ground to your left.

      2) On coming to Elizabeth Way roundabout (large, with 
         part-time traffic lights), turn right and pass over the bridge.

      3) On the far side, turn left at the roundabout onto Chesterton

      4) At the strange one way system, keep straight, turning neither 
         left nor right.

      5) About 1000 metres later, you will reach the traffic lights
         mentioned in (3) for approaching from the north. Go straight
         across, and 100 metres later, bear left at the mini-roundabout.
      6) See (4) for approaching from the north.

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