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Cambridge 3.0: Report

From: (Emmet O'Brien)
Subject: *F*: Cambridge [f3.1] impressions..
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 14:36:22 GMT

  Just passing thoughts, as I was in no fit state to remember a coherent 
 account of the proceedings.. _loads_ of people turned up, only about a third
 of whom I had actually met, and an unfortunately large number with whom I did 
 not get a chance to converse [ whether this was a source of regret or relief
 to them is as yet unclear ]. I do remember being the third to arrive, 
 immediately after the Goddess and the Bellinjperson, the limerick about whom
 proved beyond my abilities to compose. Kate Harris demonstrated a surprising 
 degree of resistance to being pulled under the table which defeated my every 
 effort. Photos from the previous Ealing meet, Intersection, Broomcon, the
 Clarecraft do and the Cambridge dinner were passed around to much hilarity.. 
 including one of David Damerell which truly demands to be uploaded 

  Revelations occurred about noted afpers' family members attending DiscCon. 
 Chairman Rood informed a shocked David Gotterdamerung and Cutest Man on the 
 Net that their chosen pseudonyms were too long to fit on a badge, and muttered
 foully about fonts and colours.. and then topped it off by refusing my 
 gracious offer of crash space. However, the presence of chocolate orangutans 
 in reasonable numbers acted to redeem the situation. A phone call for the 
 [ cute as a button ] Joann, from Tulsa, was recognised immediately by many - 
 though not by her - as Rocky getting the right pub this time. After the pub 
 closed, Joann, her Mike, and Mike Kn^H^H managed to make it safely to Duxford
 despite their navigator being three sheets to the wind, and proceeded to leave
 politely as early as was possible in the morning and compatible with my minor
 hangover. Leaving your humble narrator, who had had visions of a breakfast for
 six, with sausage sandwiches for dinner for the next three days,

  Suggestions for a new badge-name for this individual are welcomed: should any
 be particularly striking, and replace any of the variety of semi-insipid ones 
 under consideration, the person responsible will be stood a pint with optional
 cuddle at DiscCon. Alternatively one could go with ramming 
 TheCutestManOntheNet into 20 characters, at some loss in legibility..

                       going back to sleep, normal service will resume shortly,
 aibohphobia - morbid fear of palindromes

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