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Warwick 0.2: Announce

From: (Robert Collier)
Subject: *F* Warwick 0.5b (codename 'Reykjavik')
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 11:37:44 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Right, A date has been decided. Warwick 0.5 will occur on the evening of
Wednesday the 27th September in the year of our lord 1995.

However - a venue has still not been decided - Ideas anyone (Note - the
students union at Warwick uni should be quite quiet as term doesn't start
untill the 30th)

On a different note - If anyone decides to travel long distance to attend
the meet I can provide crash space for a few people.


Robert R. Collier        | Maintainer of the Terry Pratchett Home page |  | PGP public key available on request.

From: Mike Knell <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Warwick Meet beta-1 "Reykjavik"
Date: 21 Sep 1995 18:16:29 +0100
Message-ID: <>

This is to announce that the Warwick meet beta one, "Reykjavik" will be held
(after much debate over the date) on:

                 Monday, September 25, 1995, 8:00pm onwards
           at a to-be-decided venue (possibly Warwick Uni Union).
This is preliminary to the release version of the Warwick meet, which will
happen sometime next month when all the students get back. Prospective
attendees of the final version are, however, recommended to attend the beta
version to provide maximum input on the development of the final release.

If the venue is _not_ Warwick Union, a further announcement will be made
within the next day or so to change the venue. Assume, though, that it will

Any queries to myself, Bjorn ( or Rob


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