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Warwick 0.2: Report

From: Mike Knell <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Warwick beta-0.1b report, and Warwick 1.0!
Date: 9 Oct 1995 16:08:58 +0100
Message-ID: <>


NOTE: If you're not reading this dull summary, still read the end for
IMPORTANT INFORMATION(tm) concerning the next Warwick meet (1.0). --MPK

A little belated (I was hoping someone else would write it) but here's a 
brief summary of the Warwick beta meet.

I arrived at about 8:15, and immediately set about that awkward business of
playing "Who's the AFP contingent?". This involves standing at the bar
peering at the contents of the bar, wandering about a bit, and looking lost
until you discover the one person who's bothered to wear something obvious -
in this case, spotting Frugal's AFP t-shirt making its way across the bar
provided the necessary tip-off. 

Pints of Directors were purchased.

The current people present turned out to have nothing to do with AFP (except
Frugal), so much confusion ensued. This was alleviated by the arrival of Rob,
and the infiltrators eventually wandered off, not unreasonably. 

Pints of Directors were purchased.

Much discussion then ensued as to the whereabouts of Bjorn, who had intended
to turn up at 8:00. Furtive glances around the bar.. "I think that guy over
there looks fairly Nordic.." attempts to persuade someone to wander over and
say "Excuse me, but are you Bjorn Bjornsson?" came to nothing. Eventually,
our suspense was lifted by Bjorn turning up and wandering over. 

Pints of Directors were purchased.

The rest of the evening is a little hazy, as by then the Directors was
beginning to addle my mind. Iceland springs to mind, as does Iceland, Iceland
and Iceland. Reyjkavik FC, the pronunciation of certain words in Icelandic,
making up completely new words in Icelandic, and Iceland in general. To be
quite frank, I can't remember owing to being somewhat the worse the wear for
drink. Shocking, I know. 

There you go - a somewhat vague recollection of the evening. Still, it
was a fortnight ago. The evening was considered to be a success, and the
completion of the Beta programme means that the first release version
of the Warwick meet can be held.

The proposed date (short notice! I'm going away) is:

                   -----> Monday 23rd October 1995 <------

Venue to be announced. Probably not Warwick Uni again, as the students 
are back and it'd be packed.

Suggestions for venue?


- - Mike Knell, - Dictator of -
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 Submissions for to:
     Mike's public key available from the usual servers, or send mail. 

From: Robert Collier <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Warwick meet 0.2 (late) report *F*
Date: 10 Nov 1995 18:30:55 GMT
Message-ID: <4805ov$>

[This report is now very late for a number of reasons but better late
then never as they say]

The Warwick 0.2 (!1.0) meet was a success despite the small number of
people attending. The small number of attendees was entirely due to
Mike forgetting to post a proper announcement and directions more then
2 days in advance (well what do you expect from Announce group
moderators anyway :-).

I Met with Mike at 'The Tiller Pin' pub in Leamington at about 8:30,
drinks were bought and typical afp topics were discussed (roundabouts,
computers, signing tours etc...). After about half an hour we decided
that no more people were going to turn up so we declared the meet
closed and Mike used a marvel of modern technology (mobile phone) to
arrange to meet some friends in 'Kellys' a much nicer pub which is
also much harder to find for people who don't know Leamington, and we
left to walk there.

Naturally as we were walking to Kelly's who should we see approaching
us but two more student types[1] one of whom was wearing an AFP T-shirt
(May I add at this point that Mike was wearing the DWComputer game
t-shirt which he freely admitted labeled him as being a sad geek, a
sentiment that we were kind enough to agree with :-), so we decided
to reconvene the meet in Kelly's.

Once in Kelly's we discussed roundabouts, doom, linux and related
topics (but not Iceland :-) until the band (rather good but I forget
what they were called) came on and destroyed any chance of talking
without electronic assistance.

It was however agreed by all that a good evening had been had (despite
some French student managing to tip most of a pint over Mikes coat).

We are hopeing to arrange a larger meet after Mike returns from his
holiday - and we might even manage to publiscise it beforehand
slightly better.

Robert R. Collier        | Maintainer of the Terry Pratchett Home page |  | send subject line 'get pgp' for PGP key

[1] Sorry but I can't remember your names.

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