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Warwick 1.0: Announce

From: Mike Knell <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: *F* The AFP Warwick Meet 1.0
Date: 12 Jan 1996 14:32:54 -0000
Message-ID: <>


How do,


                         SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17 1996

Yes! At more than 1 day's notice for once, here's news of the first proper
Warwick AFPissup. After the beta, and my forgetting to announce the last one
until about 2 days beforehand, so only about 2 of us turned up, we've
finally decided to do it properly for a change.

So, here's ample warning that the AFP Warwick Meet 1.0 will convene on the
evening of Saturday, 17th February 1996, from around 7:30-8pm, until some
indeterminate time later on. Meet all your favourite characters from and buy them drinks! Try not to talk about computers all
the time! Drink lots of beer! Even the possibility of a kebab later on! Who
says we never give you anything?

Location information will follow shortly (i.e. we haven't decided where yet.
Suggestions to me.. and not the Tiller Pin again..). The meet will be
located physically in Leamington, but as this is physically joined on to
Warwick that's OK. Leamington has ample parking after everyone goes home
from work, and has more pubs. And better kebabs.

So, put this date in your diaries. If you'd like to be kept informed of what
gives with this and future Warwick meets, there's a shiny new mailing list
available for those who are interested.

To subscribe:
Send mail to, containing the line

subscribe afp-warwick

in the message body. All the usual Majordomo commands are available for
those who find conversations with list servers interesting.

RSVP (or join the list) if you're thinking of coming, so I have at least a
vague idea of how many people to expect (i.e. 0, or 2, or 150..)

Look forward to seeing y'all (ya'll? yal'l?) there.

Mike (the Moderate)

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From: Mike Knell <>
Subject: ANNOUNCE: AFP-Warwick [17 Feb 1996] final info
Date: 12 Feb 1996 09:25:38 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Firstly, humblest apologies for the delays in getting this .announce out --
it's been the usual comedy of errors with me being on nights and therefore
not in the mood to think of it, so I dropped Rob an email asking if he'd
like to post it, but then Rob's hard drive had a religious experience, and
the cat had kittens, and Mrs. Niggerbaiter exploded again, and, and...


As previously announced, the AFP-Warwick meet 1.0 (1.1?) will take place
THIS SATURDAY, 17 FEB 1996. The location has now been (finally) decided upon
as the Slug and Lettuce, Clarendon Avenue, Leamington Spa. Part of the delay
in getting this announce out has been finding a suitable venue -- it'll
probably be packed, but less so than many other places. The time: 7:30pm

- From the A46 (if you're coming from the M40, leave at the Warwick exit and
take the A46 northbound signed Kenilworth/Coventry):
Leave the A46 at the exit signposted A452 (probably signed Leamington or
Kenilworth, I can never remember). Follow signs to Leamington, for a couple
of miles going over a roundabout or two in the process, and you'll
eventually come to a sign welcoming you to Leamington (as if...)

Keep going straight on (you should now be on the Kenilworth Road) until you
can't go any further (T-junction). This is Clarendon Avenue. Turn left, then
right again and find the car park (big pay&display thingy, I think it's free
evenings). The Slug and Lettuce is nearby on Clarendon Ave. If you can't
find anyone, hang around at the bar looking Pratchett-ish and someone might
rescue you.

Any problems, I can be reached via my snazzy Orange on 0973-635384, or drop
me email any time beforehand.

Drop me a note if you're thinking of turning up.. reminds me not to bother
going if it's apparent noone's going to appear. *grin*


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