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Manchester 2.0: Announce

From: (Mark Burbidge)
Subject: Manchester 2.0 - Repost
Date: 3 Feb 1996 12:06:20 -0000
Message-ID: <>

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This is a repost. Hopefully I'll remember to post it one more time
before the event.

In a message posted on Sat, 20 Jan 1996 09:20:14 GMT to the
newsgroup, Mark Lowes wrote:
>>Reaching for diary . . . erm . . . 17th or 24th Feb is good . . .
>24th would be better
>>Rusholme Pub & Curry? Scruffy Murphies in Fallowfield, then the
>>in Rusholme?
Okay then . . . let's make this official . . .

Following an innocent little question from myself in a follow up to
Claire Speed, Mark Lowes asked if anyone fancied an afp meet in
Manchester. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, a few people
said, "yeah, alright then".

So here it goes. 

Two dates in Feb were suggested, the mighty Mr. Lowes indicated that
he'd prefer the latter, and who are we to argue? So, unless everyone
gets up in arms, the meet will be on Saturday Feb 24th in Scruffy
Murphys, Fallowfield at 7pm. [1]

Much merriment should follow, and we could attempt to learn the
Hedgehog song (or invent some kind of afp drinking game).

After the pub, we could go a few doors down the road to the Kosmos
Greek restaurant, who do VERY good meals (especially if you take the
Bazooka[2] option) - or alternatively we could take a wander to
Rusholme to sample the delights of one of the many Indian

Please post comments/suggestions/"I'm coming" messages as follow ups
in so that we get some idea of who is coming!

[1] Two pubs share this building, be sure you go to the right one!
[2] It's something like that. Basically you give them some money and
they bring you many plates of food and some wine.

Remember, this meet is a beta test release, if all goes well there
is no reason why we can't update to release 2.1!

Incidentally, I would suggest that we print a few copies of our PGP
fingerprints where applicable, so we can sign each other's keys
the meet.


After the first announcement there were a few posts in the following
style . . .
>>I'll be there [1]. :-)
>>[1]  As long as someone tells me how to get there [2] :-)
>Good point :)  I sort of know Manchester (or at least the bits near
>certain hotel :)  How far is Fallowfields from the city centre?
 . . . and so the directions below were hastily scrambled together.

Fallowfield is not far from the city centre. I sometimes walk it
(about 40 to 50 mins). If you take a bus or you drive it's very quick
- - - just take the  main road south. 

The directions which follow all follow the same route, the landmarks
mentioned may differ depending upon what I feel will be more obvious
depending upon if you're in a car or bus etc . . .

- - From City Centre, Buses 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 - these go past the
Oxford Rd. Train station . . . .

Get off very shortly after Platt Fields park. Your bus driver should
be very helpful, and give you the nod . . . it's at the first set of
traffic lights after Manchester High for Girls. The pub is on the
crossroads - be sure to get the right one!

- - From City Centre. Southbound on the Oxford Rd. You'll go past
Manchester Uni, Manchester Royal Infirmary and Whitworth Park.
Rd. becomes Wilmslow Rd. (You're going past my house, wave to me! Oh
I'm at the pub, aren't I?) Follow the road onward . . .

. . . . You come out of Rusholme, carry on . . . .

. . . . Platt fields is on your right, the road bends to the right
a Manchester Metropolitan building known as "The Toast Rack",
Manchester High for girls is on the right . . . you'll come to a
crossroads. You're in Fallowfield.

Just before going over the crossroad look to the right - THAT is
scruffy murphies. Be sure to get the right pub, two share the

Manchester A-Z p101 6H on the Corner of Wilbraham rd. and Wilmslow

If there are any more directions needed, or if these are unclear
please ask!

"He'd been particularly pleased with Manchester."
        -- Crowley contemplating his achievements
           (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens)

Mark Burbidge
Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: cp850
Comment: Don't worry, be happy


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