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Subject: Evolution
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Date: Tue, 02 Apr 96 23:14:00 +0100

Caloo Callay oh Fabjugous whatsits (however it's meant to be spelt).
Someone has actually replied to my plea for an AFPmeet at eastercon.

So far the plan is thus:  Real Ale Bar,  9pm Friday.

In the unlikely event that the hotel does not possess such a thing I
will Voodoo myself (Carol Willis) with an alternative venue and anyone
foolish enough to want to can find the message and therefore find me.

I will be wearing a DWCon t-shirt and lurking in the bar, to find out
who the other person will be you'll have to turn up (unless of course
they post something here first).  I still think there's potential for a
jacuzzi party sometime over the weekend, but we can plan that once we've
seen the programme and worked out whether we want to pretend not to know
each other for the rest of the con :)

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