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From: (Colette Reap)
Subject: *F* [ABP/AFP] Meet Report
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 07:44:01 GMT
Message-ID: <>

This meet report was the joint product of all the attendees. None of
them can take responsibility for any of the following.

Attendees being :
  Alex the Eternally Harassed
  David Z
  Adrian M. Wragg
  Emmet Krisma O'Brien
  Alan the Bellinghman
  Rob Collier

Emmet : "I got there first, cos Emmet is omnipresent. Karen K. is
sorely missed."

Rob : "I got there last, cos of British Rail."

Adrian : "I'm saying nothing, I'm too busy typing."

David : "Look what Emmet did to my camera!"

  [ Cut to picture of David's camera on full zoom, on extended

Adrian : "Is *Emmet* old enough to shave yet?"

Emmet only fancies 97.6% of the population, not including dead people,
males, and non-humans.

Emmet : "And those under-age!"

Rob : "The Annotated Pratchett File [AFP 7a sneak preview] was
annotated itself by Adrian at great length."

All decided that AFP 7a preview needed "The Quick Brown Fox Jumped
Over the Lazy Dog" scribed upon it by those attendant.

What we didn't realise was that there was a psychedelic party being
held in the pub but it all seemed quite appropriate at the time...

There was some discussion on Babylon 5 and much discussion on, with the discussion ranging from what should go into
the FAQ to what would be involved in setting up an entire emmet.*

At about 10pm the noise from the party in the pub got to a level which
suggested that it was time we weren't there, so the meet moved en
masse to the house of the goddess, where (amongst other things):
- coffee was drunk 
- pizza was ordered and consumed
- Rob made friends with Elric, one of the resident cats
- documentary evidence was produced to substantiate one of the
annotations in afp7a
- Pterry's appearance on Blue Peter was watched
- after a trawl through the cable channels, there was a short
discussion on how many purity points the couple seen bonking on the
billiard table should lose
- Worms, Worms Reinforcements and Dragon Lore were demonstrated

The meeting finally ended at about 2am. All we have to do now is wait
for the pictures :-)

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