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Manchester 2.5b: Announce

From: Mark Lowes <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] *F* Mancester 2.5b
Date: 19 May 1996 20:02:48 +0100
Message-ID: <>

(Hey, and I'm probably going too. Now _there's_ a pull, if ever there was
one.. [1] --mpk)

([1] not)


Once upon a time there was a general wailing and gnashing of teeth and
cries of "We want a meet before the con!".  Foolishly the airborne
rodent stepped in and volunteered [1] to host a mailing list to discuss
when & where and great plans were made.

We can proudly announce that Manc2.5b[2] will happen on the 1st July
1996 at about 7pm, at Scruffy Murphy's on Grosvenor Street [3], near the
Flea & Firkin, near Barclay's Bank.  Just off Oxford Road.

There is a rather nice ascii map[4], i've not posted it here to keep the
spam down Anyone who wants it should mail
with the message get Manc25b.Map  To join the mailing list send the
message sub afp-manc to the same address.


[1] Will i never learn?
[2] The last chance to heckle Tap in person before the con.
[3] At least Lee thinks that's what the road is called.
[4] Thanks Lee.

- -- 
Mark <>
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