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Ealing 3.1416: Report

From: Colm Buckley <>
Subject: *F* Ealing 3.1416 (27th July 1996)
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 00:01:17 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Well, it's now 12:20am on Sunday morning, we've just returned home (to
Colette's house - a Big Thank You, Colette, for allowing me to stay
with you) from the latest Ealing/Wheatsheaf meeting.  Your Humble
Narrator in this instance is Colm Buckley, but I am being ably
assisted by Alan the Bellinghman, Colette the Net.Goddess, Emmet
O'Brien, Ivis R. Bohlen, Robert Rune Collier, and my
more-than-wonderful girlfriend Claire, who isn't yet an afpette, but
plans to join in the near future.

We (myself, Claire, Colette, Alan, Emmet and Ivis) proceeded to the
Wheatsheaf at approximately 19:30 hours on Saturday evening, to
discover Alex TEH, Bryan, Simon Callan and Adrian Wragg waiting for us
- in a corner beside the toilets.  Introductions and reintroductions
were made, and we started to Plan our Occupation of the Wheatsheaf.
The almost immediate arrival of Tony Miller (AFP's Reliable Witness),
his lovely girlfriend Becky, and Rob Collier added significant impetus
to these plans, as we were then able to occupy two tables - later
arrivals allowed us to fill the entire back section of the pub.

Con photographs were produced by YHN, Emmet, Alan Kat and Rob, and
were much admired by all.  My efforts to maintain a time-ordering on
my photographs were quickly thwarted by the assembled multitudes - in
future I shall adopt Rob's ruse of sequentially numbering the

Our numbers continued to swell, bolstered by Kat, Richard Kettlewell,
The Damerell, Helen Highwater, Tim Hunt, Rob the Ergonomist, Ben of
Bens, David Sullivan and FTony...  all of whom were delighted to make
the acquaintance of the lovely Ivis, whom Emmet claims to have been
the cause of the whole meet...

At this point, Kat enquired of YHN, with considerable menace, as to
the location of the chocolate truffles which had been manufactured by
Irish afper Dónal Cunningham for the delectation of the meeting...
whereupon I realised that they had inadvertently been left in
Colette's fridge - however, a quick jaunt in a taxi retrieved the
confectionary, which was immensely enjoyed, and appreciated by all
present - except FTony, who apparently had arrived too late to share
in the delight...

As the evening progressed, multifarious alcolohic beverages were
consumed, the Damerell's hair was *finally* restrained by Claire
(that's "my" Claire, not *&)), with the aid of a beer-soaked ribbon
(from the - by now traditional - chocolate-covered coffee-beans) and
some plastic flowers stolen from the table display.  The general
consensus was that the result was "very fetching".  Becky provided a
Big Bag of Wine Gums; again well-received by the multitudes.  A
complete and concise explanation of the $acred $criptures of the
Church of $cientology was delivered, to the general amusement of all
(YHN was sporting a dashing alt.religion.scientology T-shirt, which
provoked some comment)...

Eventually, however, the evening drew to a close, and we regretfully
began the long process of saying our goodbyes.  This took quite some
time, as there was considerable confusion as to exactly who was
staying with whom; eventually, however, we got it all sorted out (at
least, I hope so), and we drifted off into the night, waving, singing,
dancing and generally working our respective ways home.

One of the notable features of this afpmeet was the way in which
everyone managed to mingle effectively; it seems that the
fractionation of previous large meets was generally avoided.  A great
big welcome to Dave Sullivan, hitherto a lurker on afp, who hopefully
will join in the Great Conversation in future.

Quotes from the event, duly recorded on various Psion3A's, include :

"My left hinge is broken" - Kat
"We had the wedding all arranged, and you never turned up, you
bastard" - Alex to Adrian
"Emmet, Behave!" - Kat
"Don't worry, honey; I've got plenty of you now" - Colm to Kat
"I'll never wash it again." - Tony Miller
"You never wash it anyway!" - The Damerell
"I'll marry anyone once..." - Emmet
"I've not seen your number 2's yet" - Rob the Ergonomist to Rob@lspace
"Oh Emmet - you're prickly!" - Kat
"What a lovely tongue - can I play with it?" - Alan to Kat
"I always get them back to front; it's just habit" - Kat
"I can't handle Emmet enough" - Kat
"My groin would do anything for you" - Bryan (to everyone)
"I may look decrepit, but I'm happy" - Emmet
"That's the back of your head; I can tell by the weird way your hair
grows" - Claire to Colm
"How does he get it to stay up?" - The Damerell (about Darrell's Gala
Dinner headgear)
"An ergonomist?  You mean you're a person who designs curvy things?" -
Claire to Rob T.E.
"Are you personally ergonomic?" - Claire again...
"Every time I get hugged my feet leave the floor" - and again...

I look forward to meeting you all again soon...  Big Hugs in the

So, it's goodnight from me...

                        ... and it's goodnight from him.



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