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Manchester X-Philes Meet: Report

From: Lee Staniforth <>
Subject: Manchester X-Philes Meet - a Report
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 16:56:31 +0100
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(Cross-posted to umtsx-f and afp)

Well, I think I've recovered enough after drinking all that Scumble (aka
Adlestones Cider) to relate the events last night at Scruffy Murphy's.

Roy (Volunteers' Co-ord) and I arrived at the appointed time (7.30) with
some trepidation; as is the case when meeting new people for the first

We selected an area in the corner that would be ideal to cater for any
large expansion. I wasn't sure exactly how many would turn up, but
estimated around 10.

I introduced him to the delights of the cask-brewed Adlestones Cider,
and he proclaimed it good!

After half an hour or so, I began to get a little worried at the lack of
other people. We'd noticed a large group (about 10) on the other side of
the room that looked geeky enough to be Internet users. We strained to
hear any mention of 'Mulder', 'Scully' or that other famous bloke
associated with the show: 'Lee Staniforth', but naught was heard.
Neither of us were confident enough (ie drunk enough) to actually go
over and ask if they were X-Philes, so we came up with an ingeneous
strategy of capturing the attention of any likely candidates, through
the use of a 'Trust No 1' sign.

Before actually putting this into play, a woman approached me and asked
the dreaded question: "Are you Lee Staniforth ?".  Being the naturally
paranoid type, I checked to see if I could spot any weapons. There were
none, so I answred in the positive.  She turned out to be the mother of
Bryony (I hope I pronounced it right this time!) Jackson, who posts
under her father's account. Obviously my reputation had gotten around,
as Bryony had brought her own chaperone (8^)

Introductions were made, and drinks were drunk; Bryony being only sweet
sixteen had Coke.

The stategum described above was brought into play, which caused some of
the large group opposite to look, but none approached. I haven't
mentioned that only one of us actually wore an X-Files t-shirt, which he
later removed to reveal an ID4 t-shirt underneath. The X-F t-shirt was
then put on an empty chair bacwards in the hope of attracting any other
attention. He shall remain anoymous at this time, to protect the

I chose to wear my Discworld Con '96 t-shirt.

It was about this time that Lee (great name!) Malius arrived. I once
more demonstrated my total lack of ability at pronouncing people's names
correctly! I have met Lee before, at the Videothon 2.

The conversation inevitably turned to merchandise, and Bryony achieved
an extra sadness point (8^) by showing her glowing keyring...

It was decided for Bryony and I to make a quick foray to the other side
of the pub in the off chance that an X-Phile or two might be lurking. On
the way back, we spotted a Man In A Trenchcoat; obvious X-F fan. It
turned out to be Ben Fell, The Man At The BBC, who'd managed to find the
pub despite my crude ASCII map... (8^)

I've not mentioned that as each new person arrived, I handed them a
couple of sheets containing info on MancheXter and an app form from the
rather large stack in my bag; well, I wasn't there for the pleasure of
the thing... (8^) It is with some regret that not one membership was

It is about this time that things began to go hazy: Addlestones is
strong stuff... Basically, the next group of people to arrive was Tony
(he of the Big Sig), his girlfriend, Helen Ferocious (I mean Warr), and
his mate, Roberto (aka Bobo, but this always sounds rude to me (8^) ).
I'll just take this opportunity to embarrass Bobo by mentioning The X-
Files Film. It's an in-joke, so don't worry if you don't get it: ask
Tony (8^)

Despite my attempts, the conversation veered onto the topic of Babylon
5. I don't watch the show, so will make no further references.(8^)

Other topics included: Independance Day, Jose Chung's: From Outer Space
(despite protestations from Bryony, Ben and Lee), Guests at the Con,
merchandise and some other stuff that I wasn't coherent enough to

During one of the points where B5 *wasn't* being discussed, my saviour
turned up: Mark Lowes, along with his chauffe^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hbetter half,
Angela Hardington. Who also was into B5! Aargh!

The topic of talk now moved onto more traditional afp ground: Psion 3As,
DiscWorld Con, taking the piss out of the Chairman, and Psion 3As.

Photos were taken by myself, and appropriate blackmail fees will be
issued to the relevant parties shortly. Mwhahahaha!

We broke up and went our separate ways some time after last orders were
called, and the Big Boys sent around telling people to leave.

I do not remember leaving and getting home, and I will *not* drink
Addlestones ever again. Maybe.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Bryony and Lee for the first time, and I
hope to have another X-Philes meet in the future. I promise not to
bother people with app forms then. Maybe.
Lee Staniforth, Chairman
MancheXter '97 - The Unofficial UK X-Files Convention
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From: Lee Staniforth <>
Subject: Manchester X-Philes Meet: Photos
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 1996 00:05:34 +0100
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Just popping over quickly to mention that the photos from the X-Philes
meettened by the stunning Angela H, and the worrying Mark L) have
finally made it onto the MancheXter WebSite.

Take a peek at:

A future meet is planned for Bolton, possibly on the 19th.  I'd suggest
emailing Tony Spalding <> for details if

Lee Staniforth, Chairman
MancheXter '97 - The UK X-Files Convention
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