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From: Carol <>
Subject: *F* Ipswich Meet 31/8/96
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 21:25:55 +0100
Message-ID: <>

In article <>
          Andy Fawcett <> wrote:

Hi folks :-)  I'm back !  (But only until Tap takes his computer away)

> [cc ppint.]
> In article <>
>           "ppint." <> wrote:
> > > > (you talked of a nice pub in the centre of ipswich, called the
> > > > plough, and of the week starting august 24th...)
> Provisionally the meet will be on Saturday 31st August, and all are
> welcome. I'll post details later...

I'll agree with that - this Saturday, in the Plough, hopefully in the
Smoke Room.  However, anyone wanting to turn up (at my (borrowed) place)
and act like party animals on the friday night is also welcome ;-)
> > > > [i]'ll try and find a shopsitter, if there'll be crash space
> > > > available... it's a long drive, even when i _don't_ lose the road
> > > > i'm driving on...<g>)
> > > There would be limited crash space (probably for 4 people max), since
> > > the house is small (and not Carols :-) ).
> I've spoken to Carol, and there would be space for about 7 or 8 people
> in total. If anybody is interested, can you let me know via email, and
> I'll pass on the names/numbers as needed :-)

Since Tap is no longer in sunny Scunny and therefore may not be quite as
prompt at reading his mail as usual, [mainly because Carol won't let me
get near the 'puter - Andy] anyone wanting more details should probably
try phoning me instead - 01473 714613, don't be boggled if you get
spoken to by an answerphone claiming to belong to Jim since he's off
having a wonderful time in Edinburgh and has lent me his house, phone,
bed, books, music collection, crocodile etc etc etc (okay can someone
please explain why me typing crocodile has caused Tap to giggle?,
especially since he can see the crocodile I'm referrring to (It's on the
floor next to the bed and I'm leaning on it as I type)?)

Alternatively just turn up at the pub - it's in Falcon Street, opposite
the Buttermarket shopping precinct and next to where the eastern
counties buses hang out, and we'll be there from about 7.30pm probably. 
Anyone foolish enough to drive to the pub could try parking in one of
the car parks in Tacket Street.

I hope lots of you can get here as I could really use the injection of
insanity ;-)  Life without afp isn't as much fun, even if I do have a
crocodile instead.....

Hugs & Tentacles

Carol Willis
Ipswich, UK
I tell them there's no problems...Only Solutions...

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