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From: Darrell Ottery <>
Subject: [ANNNOUNCE] *F* Reading 2.0 repost
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 23:33:55 GMT

(Do I want to modify accordingly? Answers on a postcard.. --mpk)


[Mike - already posted to afp, if you want to modify accordingly.]

OK - here's a repost of all the relevant details since we're now but a
week out from the meet.

If you're planning on turning up, it'd be kinda nice to know. Even if it
is just so I can judge how many of the chocolate/coffee entities to
make... Mail to the usual places, please.

If the directions make no sense, or you want to know alternate places to
park, please feel free to mail me for further clarifications.

Reading 2.0

The time?     7:30 pm, Saturday 28th September.
The place?    The Monk's Retreat public house.
The reason?   Seemed like a good idea at the time.


By road:

M4, Jct. 11 is probably the easiest way from East or West. Follow signs
to town centre by going straight across the multitude of roundabouts.
About a couple of miles (and many roundabouts further) you'll end up
going down a one-way street downhill towards the centre. At the bottom
of this is a large roundabout and the IDR [1]. This is where things get

Currently this place is a maze of twisty turny road junctions, all
alike, so by the end of the month it's anybody's guess what it'll look

But probably the best [2] place to park is the multistorey by the
Hexagon. This means that following the signs for Broad St. Mall car
park / Hexagon car park (one and the same thing) should be followed. 

- From North/South there's not such an obvious route. Consult a good road
map or mail me and ask. If you can find Reading, follow signs for the
town centre and you'll come across the IDR sooner or later.

By rail or bus/coach:

The main station is in the middle of the town and hence the pub is easy
to find from here. Regular services to and from most of the country.

Ye Mappe:
[Not to scale. Hell, probably not accurate either.]

- ------------------------------------------------------
Station Rd.
- ----------------------------------------   -----------
         | |                    Bus     | |
         | |                            | |
- ----------------------------------------   -----------
Friar St.
- ----------------------------------------   -----------
         | |                         BK | |     Pub  M&S
         | |                     WHS    | |
- ----------------------------------------   -----------
Broad St.
- ------------------------------------------------------
CP    V  | |                             H
         | |  StM
         | |

Key: CP  - Car Park              V   - Virgin Megastore
     StM - St. Mary's church     H   - Heelas
     WHS - W.H.Smiths            BK  - Burger King           
     Pub - Your goal             M&S - Marks & Spencers      
     Bus - Bus station           BR  - BR station            

The town centre essentially consists of three main streets, running
parallel with lots of little alleys and roads (not all shown) linking
them together. Basically, from the car park you need to turn left down a
side street and right again at the end to get onto Friar St. Then head
away from the car park until you find the pub. It will have tables
outside and should be fairly obvious. I'll be inside near the back bar

And from the station, come out through the main doors and cross the
road. Looking down the street opposite you should be able to see a huge
Heelas sign. Head for this and turn right at Burger King. Then carry on
until you see the pub.

For those of you who may be interested the pub also does reasonably good
value (and tasty) food. Other options are available - mail and ask.

If there are any further questions, or more specific directions are
wanted (or other places to park, etc.) please mail me at the usual

See you there - I intend to be in the back bar by ca. 7 pm to grab some

- -- 
Darrell [INTJ] - -
Well, you've got to laugh. Or carry automatic weapons.

[1] Inner Distribution Road. Consult PQF for more details.
[2] But not necessarily the closest. However the network of one-way roads and
bus lanes probably makes this one of the easiest to get to.

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Charset: noconv


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